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  1. Typical Terry being shy, his new maple run.......
  2. You should move to Boston, soak in the aura of a complete championship city
  3. Or NASCAR
  4. I would be proud to have the name Tom
  5. Is that a heated booster?
  6. He's ready for the ice
  7. I thought Dukakis was running again
  8. I was just teasing, looks good!!
  9. When you get that thing fully loaded and on the beach in the sand, call me I'd love to see you push that
  10. One of them bottles too,,,,
  11. Put that half shield on, grab a sledgehammer and get busy!!
  12. If you give me a bottle of scotch and a sledgehammer, I'll find the leak
  13. I was talking about suede and his outhouse travels
  14. Tonight's gonna be tough
  15. Do you have indoor plumbing?