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  1. I got a scope a couple of years ago, hemroids...I told the doc while he was in the neighborhood check everything, cancer is no joke
  2. You ever watch The Goodnight Show with the little guy? Nina.....
  3. pan fried mako is tasty
  4. Someone find that clip of TJ Oshie funneling a beer on the golf course....
  5. Throw a fist full of cash at most guys coming in and you'll get them. I worked out of Cohassett for years and we always sold them to people who wanted them
  6. The weather down the stretch looks like its gonna burn the lawns so let it grow
  7. Just picked up some mako steaks cheap
  8. I never thought Weiland had a great voice compared to Staley
  9. And as far as avatars go....I got me da best!!
  10. Cause that is some hillbilly chit if I ever see some
  11. If you just said I remodled my kitchen it would have been much easier...
  12. Testing 1 2 3...