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  1. Code for some homosexual marinara NJ special
  2. That is code I know it
  3. I lost 50 poumds
  4. Is the midget in Ukraine?
  5. Alright the Champ is in the houuuuuuuuse! What up boys
  6. BM Donny lot please
  7. What color Habs do you seek
  8. Skin flute
  9. BM

    offer 45 for the darter
  10. Looking for yellow mini wadds in return all are new
  11. Again
  12. You have to come back to the JHL this could have been the year I mowed you down
  13. bravo I didn't scroll far enough down on the wiki page
  14. will you be attending my coronation?
  15. Your reign was a direct result of prime draft positioning, I crafted my roster, retooled on the fly......my barrels need to be changed out