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  1. Blubbering..
  2. I'll give Belmo an honorary mention for having the second best avatar A penis with glasses
  3. Your avatar screams I give head!
  4. Terry, I voted 10 times
  5. I keep a clean shop son..
  6. T-Sac all the way
  7. Drink more, not less
  8. They found Terry was related on ancestry DNA
  9. Terry is conspicuously absent I suspect an OD of the KB, he loves the stuff
  10. Condolences Wade, sorry for your loss
  11. I have a .601 lifetime winning percentage in the history of the JHL, right behind Ernestine And waaaaay ahead of Baggins
  12. I would hardly call that a good zinger lol
  13. I hear a Taylor Swift song playing in your head
  14. I'd blast her yabos
  15. You didn't draft a true number 1 goalie and gave up on guys too fast Next year first two picks grab a starting goalie then build out