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  1. 316 is a brittle, more corrosive resistant stainless steel
  2. I have six 2 1/2 oz stubbys that look just like that weigh it see what it comes up as
  3. That looks like a 2 1/2 oz to me
  4. I got so drunk last night I felt like I was 18 again
  5. Thank you Sue 50 is the new 30
  6. I offer 50 for the needle
  7. Thanks Loots I haven't scrolled thru the thread yet I'm just sitting down now
  8. Thank you Ernie!
  9. Thanks Mike!!
  10. Rudolph Shenker looks like one of the guys from Styxx
  11. I just found this gem
  12. Are you a Scorpions fan?
  13. Thanks ED