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  1. Ok I can meet you at bobbies tomorrow after work.
  2. I would go for half.
  3. Would you do 5 jigs?
  4. Ok it's yours, thanks.
  5. Yes it's available. Thanks.
  6. Yep it's all yours, thanks.
  7. Yep it is. Both are on the shelf.
  8. What is the weight on that?
  9. You sure about the saltiga? I'm interested. Edit Never mind, not interested in the low gear ratio.
  10. Would your other purchase happen to be a VSB150? If so I have one for ya. I mean to trade.
  11. I will take them
  12. I'm interested in the wetsuit. Can I check it out?
  13. I will take the TAs.
  14. They are yours for $1100.
  15. No thanks guys.
  16. Nice rod and thanks for all the pics but I have so much stuff already. Could you do $550 for the black vsb?
  17. Yep that sounds good, thanks.
  18. VSB beauties
  19. I have a couple of Zeebaas hats, only tried them on. One black and One tan. would trade for nice plugs, needles, bucktails, poppers, SPs.
  20. Sure that works.
  21. Hey bud, got a nice Z hat for ya.
  22. The black VSB150 is complete. The silver VSB150 is only missing the warranty card.
  23. No thanks bud.
  24. These VS reels are beauties, just not my thing. I will consider trades for Saltiga Z4500 or 5000, Stella SW/SWB 6000.
  25. I like that popper on the bottom. Green Mack with siwash.