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  1. Hiya, Any way you would accept 500 picked up? sorry thats what I have right now. Thanks, Andy
  2. I'll take them
  3. Awesome rod, but I havent been able to use it much. Great conition, I cant find a mark on it. The rod butt is drying out a little. $390 pick up preffered. Paypal, cash.
  4. Yes that's correct, thanks.
  5. Yep that works.
  6. Thats a nice one,but I would take the white nightngale over the big needle. Unless you have a 2 oz or smaller needle. Value looks like 30 each plug, if you agree. Add $200 cash and I will send the rod over. What do you think?
  7. Lol Gena, you are right! I like the Habs in your second picture, but could you replace the white Habs with the darter or other Habs? What values for the plugs and cash?
  8. great info here. What kind of rod and reel setups are you guys using down there?
  9. I'll take it. Maybe I can meet you to save on shipping.
  10. ok, I will take it. paypal ok?
  11. Still available, maybe I can check it out?
  12. That's great! Would like to see your rig on the honda. You put it on top? I'm into the hobies now, but the trolling motors are looking good.
  13. Looks awesome! How fast will it go?
  14. For sale is this AquaSkinz Elite Hunter Pro Series Cobra Bag. Lightly used one season and in great shape. $170 shipped paypal. no trades, no lowballs, its just not my color thanks.
  15. Well let me know if it doesn't work out.
  16. I have a GLoomis IMX 1205, thats a 10 footer 1-5 ounce. Or I have cash, I just got one here for 232 paypal shipped.
  17. Those look great! what hook are you using there?
  18. Hi guys, for sale is an RM danny, BM Danny, Big Fish, and a Jigman I think. All used and look great. $50 shipped paypal. needles - BM wadd, choopys, and and RM sinking I think. $50 shipped paypal RM jigsmiths - one floating and one weighted. $23 shipped paypal bucktails - 1-2 ounces or so. $10 shipped will get pics up in a few.
  19. Yes that works. Pm coming Anybody want the rest for $80 shipped?
  20. [img=] [img=]