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  1. Yep, let me know when you want check it out.
  2. I was hoping to let it go sooner. The cart is not included. $1550 for the boat, drive, seat, paddle, and humminbird, Plus fee if using paypal. All brand new never used, seat still has the tag. Still up for grabs.
  3. Can you make it to 1550? If so, it's all yours.
  4. Even with the sailing rudder I am zigzagging on my outback. If it's windy fuggedaboutit with the chop blasting the hull. Kaboom! Haha
  5. Ok I'll take the bike
  6. How much for the bike?
  7. How much for #1 with paypal?
  8. The track bolt will work just fine. You might need to open the holes up a little on the rod vault and you will need matching nuts. Unless you have them already.
  9. These might work for you. Thule 753-3998 Ski Rack Mounting Hardware The newer speedlink mount has a lock, but I dont see the speedlink for sale separately from the ski racks.
  10. I'm in!
  11. That's a nice rod too, much faster and strong. I used one last season and the rating is on, but could also cast one ounce well.
  12. Linesider69 Custom Plugs
  13. I'm sure its repairable, but I would try the do nothing approach first followed by leaving it in the sun for a while. Also add padding or change up the trailer mounting.
  14. I am running the same setup, but mine is an 11' S1 and 5000SW, 30lb.
  15. White Water Outfitters
  16. Thats great Scratch, thanks. I'm curious about how they look in the sole. They are pretty long, right?
  17. I will take the Patagonia jacket.
  19. Ok I will take the needles.
  20. I would take the needles if you split.
  21. Right here, I'll take it.
  22. Ok I could come up a bit, if you are willing to come down.