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  1. It's the surf and jetty. Cb1003
  2. These CF Sculpins are tied on Tiemco 7999 2/0 hooks, heavy wire and super sharp. They are tied with craft fur, dumbbell eyes, and lots of flash. I usually use this pattern in freshwater for Pike or Bass, but I have also done well with them in the salt. There are five of each available, black, white, and chartreuse for $2.50 each. Add $3 for shipping. Purple too!
  3. These Clouser Minnows are tied on super sharp Tiemco 811s hooks. I have a bunch of colors available, 5 of each color. They are $2.25 each plus $3 for shipping. PayPal or USPS MO. Olive and white, 2/0. Yellow and chartreuse, 2/0. Red and white, 2/0. Gray and white, 2/0. Black, 1/0.
  4. Selling my 2012 Pro Angler 14. No time to get out and it's just sitting around. $1700
  5. No thanks, its easy enough to transport the PA14. Just not into it anymore.
  6. It's only a few hours, come on over.
  7. yes, the mirage drive is a V2 with turbo fins in excellent condition. the standard issue mirage drive for the PA. its in the pictures.
  8. This is the older version reel. Haven't been using it lately, was mostly a back up. I just upgraded to carbontex drag washers and it has 50 lb power pro. bullet proof reel. $300 meet up. I'm in Barnegat and can travel a little.
  9. Yep ok, all yours.
  10. I use a jet ski trailer. That makes it real easy.
  11. 600 pounds. Hold myself and two kids no problem.
  12. bump! its waterproof!
  13. Standard build from RH, 7 guides plus tip. Very good condition, no tears or major scratches, barely used, $300 pick up. I'm in Barnegat and will travel a little.
  14. Would trade for a small 4 wheeler ATV.
  15. Oh yeah, I thought it was listed by my name. I'm in Barnegat, NJ.
  16. Oh yeah, here are the pics. It will probably be about 15-20 bucks to ship. I already have a pvc tube.
  17. I will ship for you if still interested.
  18. And I thought I priced this low enough to avoid low balls lol.