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  1. Not sure if Frank wants both hats, if not I will let you know.
  2. Ok Frank, do you want both hats? I would one popper for one hat. Not sure what the show specials are, post a pic. Is that cool?
  3. second to the needles would be SS poppers
  4. if I had to pick, I would take 2 green SS needles for both hats.
  5. From the album Zeebaas hats

  6. From the album Zeebaas hats

  7. From the album FS: VSB150

  8. hey Dan, I saw this online a while back and was thinking about it myself. simply the purchase of a Coosa/FreedomHawk seat plus 4 YakAttack Mighty Mounts, T-nuts, and plastic knobs. Fits like a glove supposedly.
  9. hey PIB, lol great name. I will be fishing sat and sun am. Probably northern bayside.
  10. Any interest in a silver VS150B? That's bailed and made in USA. Just a couple minor hairlines on it.
  11. great tip thanks. I need to do the same.
  12. Well you're all set then, with one of the best too! Let me know if you need anything, I have stuff to get you going if you want.
  13. These rubber sand eels are rigged on a Mustad 3407 3/0 hook and Ande 50 # Pink Monofilament. At the hook I used a palomar knot and a surgeon's loop on the end. The eel is about 5.5 inches long and the mono is about 12 inches long. There are 20 silver and 10 green available at $2 each plus $3 to ship per order. PayPal preferred.
  14. hi Dan, I think we kind of know eachother already. I will be in touch.
  15. I'll take the wifi remote kit.
  16. Here's my outback.
  17. From the album Lets see your setups!

  18. Looking for a hand held GPS and a 60 lb boga as trades.
  19. Nice one Tully, looks great. I wonder how the outback is with that seat?
  20. I got this rod here and havent used it much, once or twice. too many rods, so it has to go. $250 pick up, not looking to ship. here is the thread that I got it from, the Slingshot is unchanged and mint.
  21. Yes nice to meet you also and enjoy the Century.
  22. Hey Tom, I keep coming back to your video to figure out the camera location. How/where is it mounted? It's a great spot.