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  1. Product Description Century FMA (Force = Mass x Acceleration) Designed with big hitting carp angling in mind, the Century FMA is an ultra-long range carp rod that looks set to blow the competition out of the water. FMA stands for Force = Mass x Acceleration and the rod has been designed with the help of distance casting legend Frank Warwick. Frank has worked closely with the Century team in order to create a rod that is unbeatable in terms of its casting ability. The Century FMA represents a huge technological leap forward both in terms of rod profile and the components at work in the manufacturing process. Century knew that it wanted to design a rod with a neutral taper. This is why the rod features a parallel butt design, allowing the power bands to be precision positioned to afford the angler maximum casting speed through the tip. The blank itself is constructed from mixed modulus carbon fibre. The team then criss-crosses the high, ultra-high, and intermediate modulus fibres along the axis of the rod, giving great torque resistance that allows for perfect power built throughout the lifespan of the rod. 1K carbon twill provides extra strength and power building ability in the areas of the rod that need it the most. The tip has a completely unique action, blending to the butt in a stunning arc when under pressure, giving excellent spring-like compression. This is a rod that is able to offer an exceptionally fast recovery and it is able to be used as effectively with a braided mainline as it is with a traditional line type. This brand new rod action has the added benefit of being able to better prevent the risk of hook pulls, too, which in very real terms means the greater chance of a landed fish for you! Century has made the bold decision to rate their rods with optimal casting weights rather than with test curves – an unusual move for a carp rod. This is because the team want to focus on casting performance, for which lead and bait weight plays an important role.
  2. Yes FMA, I believe it’s 2-6 ounce. Legitimate canon.
  3. No thanks, I would come down a bit but not that low. It was serviced a year ago with shimano and got a new handle.
  4. For sale Shimano Stella 10000SW. Reel is in great condition, all works as it should. 50 pound daiwa braid. $550 thanks
  5. For sale Century S1 Stealth. Rod is 11’ moderate 1-3 ounce, seat to butt is 25”, comfort reel seat and nice guides. $350 thanks
  6. For sale Century FMA fishing rod. Rod is 11’ 6”, 25” butt to seat, comfort reel seat, nice guides, and in great shape. Lightly used, excellent condition. $550
  7. Available, just say the words and it's yours.
  8. Looking at the posts, Clint was first to say "I'll take it at asking price" and local so I will sell to Clint.
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