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  1. Thats great to hear, thanks. Yea you have exactly what I want. Currently have the double cab long bed and all the back seat does is collect junk on it. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had people back there. No need to to spend extra money on that.
  2. Interesting. Was it right around the switch to the 3rd gen? Maybe they didn’t offer it at first?
  3. yes they have been for quite sometime. My dads 2010 was a 4 cylinder 4x4.
  4. Contemplating trading in my 09 Tacoma with a v6 and getting a new SR with the 4 cylinder. At around 32k(if I can find one) it’s right where I’d wanna be for monthly payments. I drive pretty regularly on LI beaches and just wondering if anybody has one and how it handles the beach. I don’t tow or load stuff in the bed so the 4 cylinder isn’t a problem there.
  5. What do you guys think of these? Pichneys? Early BM? Or different builder all together.
  6. Closing this
  7. Just realized I wrote plugcaster. The pencil Is a plug labs.
  8. Pm coming
  9. You got it
  10. You got it
  11. Both plugs casted a few times but overall good shape. The plugcaster has a few chips in the finish I pictured. $25 each shipped PayPal.
  12. Dropping the bm skinny gasoline needle to $30 shipped paypal
  13. You got it
  14. You got it..sending pm shortly
  15. oh sorry, it’s a skinny