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  1. Price drop $75 for the dark lot $30 for the pikie
  2. Going to drop the dark lot down to $80 shipped
  3. 2 groves darters. 3oz and 2oz. 3oz is black and 2oz blurple. Both are unfished but have been in the plug box and show wear and tear. The 2oz also looks to have had some sealing issues as their is what looks like minor bubbling under the paint. Ss popper is used and the purple haze bottle is new but stores in the plug box like the groves. Nb is nip. $90 shipped for the lot PayPal. bigfish pikie has been fished a few times $35 shipped PayPal.
  4. Deal
  5. That works
  6. Was $3.73 a package last week + a $1 for the envelope and were close to $5
  7. I’d like to keep as a lot...seems shipping prices have increased, got hammered last time I went to the po
  8. This isnt much help, but I got one of those years ago and am almost certain it was from a show. Maybe try looking up vendor lists to upcoming shows and see if one of them has teasers in the name.
  9. Darter lot - bone is new other 2 are used. $55 shipped Needle lot - sandeel is new but been stored with other plugs and has a bunch of storage marks. Other 2 are used $50 shipped popper is used and the largest size sinking version $16 shipped paypal only
  10. Going to this
  11. Just the ss sandeel left
  12. That works
  13. $40 shipped for the spin and ss
  14. Its a habs jr and signed
  15. Yea that works