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  1. Bump
  2. I’ll take it
  3. I've got a 6500. The body is a little scratched up but it was recently serviced and functionally excellent.
  4. Offer $450 picked up?
  5. I received a gift card from ATT for trading in my phone. There's $95 balance on it. I haven't activated it. Asking $75
  6. Sold to @vinnyb
  7. $65 dollars. PayPal
  8. RM Smith Giant Swimmer 3oz
  9. Yeah I wasn't thinking there were any shops in NYC that had them, that I know if but I'm up for a little drive especially if I can chase some fish too.
  10. Are there any shops within close proximity to NYC that carry ODM rods? I'm looking to buy a DNA 11' and I'd prefer to get my hands on it and avoid shipping.
  11. I've got my ticket appointment and pulling together the last few pieces I need to pass the inspection. A couple of questions The following items are required to be in your vehicle during the inspection: 7-foot (minimum) fishing pole; reel and tackle; shovel; tow chain or rope; jack; jack support board; tire pressure gauge; appropriate spare tire; trash container; portable toilet. Please display these items in the back of your truck so that each item can be easily observed. For the jack support board, is a 3' piece of 2x6 acceptable? For the portable toilet, is a 5 gallon bucket acceptable?
  12. And a jig smith with a flag to match
  13. Tis the season! Arrived today and going straight in the bag to be fished this weekend.
  14. You've got it. PM coming