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  1. Not a gyotaku print but I have this super slam print that isn’t hanging
  2. I could do that. PM me to set up details.
  3. Done. Will DM to set up.
  4. If you're willing to pay asking plus shipping.
  5. I have one offer but the offer is in NJ. I'd prefer not to have to drive down there.
  6. Really minimal. Just thought I’d point it out.
  7. Might be headed down next week. Or would be willing to meet at sandy hook
  8. Lamiglas LCS10MHS 10' 1-5oz Mod/Fast Action Med/Heavy. Got this rod on sale last fall. Used it a dozen times this spring and it doens't work for me. It's in good condition, a little wear on the guides. Asking $120 local pick-up or meet up near Brooklyn.Can post pics upon request.
  9. What's the weight on the BIg Fisher pencil?
  10. Are you still looking? I have an Airflo Cold Water Ridge Striper Floating WF9F line. It's in godd condition. I'd sell it for $30
  11. I'm looking for some input on the differences between rods. I have both of these rods the Tsunami is the TSAWE1102M rated 1-4oz and the Lami is the LSC10MHS rated 1-5oz. I've only recently gotten into surf casting so I haven't cast a lot of rods, enough to know what I like. I use both in the same ways. Mostly casting from jetties and shore, casting plugs and bucktails in the 3/4-3oz range. I got the TSAWE last fall and really like it. It feels light in the hand and casts pretty effortlessly. The sweet spot seems to be right around 2oz. It absolutely sends a Super Strike popper or bucktail. Over the winter I got the Lami on sale. I've been fishing with it all spring (my season has absolutely sucked, haven't landed a fish on it yet). I like it OK. It really sends heavier plugs and seems to do fine with SPs. Partly because of the crap luck I've had this spring I thought I'd change things up and I broke out the Airwave. It was surprising to me how different the two rods felt on the cast. The Airwave felt effortless, that's the term that came into my head this morning while casting and thinking back I realized how much work it felt like it takes to get a long cast out of the Lami. Maybe it was the rod, maybe just luck but I did break my skunk streak this morning and landed a few blues. Is the fact that the Lami is 1' shorter making a big difference? I know some rods are better suited for some applications than others. Given that I'm a newb and don't have endless pockets or storage space plus a long walk out to my typical fishing spot, I can't have a massive quiver. I'm looking for that unicorn, low cost, do everything rod. Is there something that the Lami is particularly well suited for? I'm curious if others have noticed the same. After fishing the Airwave today I'm thinking of getting rid of the Lami and getting a 9'6" Airwave.
  12. Forgot to hit the Notify button. Don't want to lose out on a sale again because of that one
  13. BUMP Rod still available. $150