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  1. one of many on the CCW Danny this fall in NJ
  2. I'll take these
  3. Deal.
  4. Offer $90 for the blurple mullet and the sparkle head eelskin
  5. The latter. I want to catch BIG blackfish.
  6. Just looking for a good boat. I'm in Brooklyn so anything south of Sandy Hook.
  7. I spent my xmas money on new gear and my trip got weathered out. Any recommendations for a boat for tog in January?
  8. I picked up the JW Shogun AND a slow pitch rod. The JW Luminous. Not trying to ask a tool to do a job it's not meant for. Both were a little more than I wanted to spend combined but it was a matter of +$10-$30 bucks as compared to other options to get something that checks more boxes and does what I want it to do. Really looking forward to some deep sea not-heads
  9. Price drop $40 shipped