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  1. Mostly plugging at breezy point some open beach.
  2. Hi Dan I'd like: 2 - 1 1/2oz char 2- 1 1/2oz dark green 2 - 3/4oz char 2- 3/4oz dark green PLease add 2- 2oz bullet head jig heads
  3. Would you take $40 for the poppers on the left?
  4. Picked up a pair of insulated Xtratufs at J&H. Thanks!
  5. I'm curious what people want or expect from customer service on a plug bag. It's a tool that you put to use. As many have noted, one of Aquaskinz' weak points is the material and hooks hanging up in it, but that's the bag. If you bought it (I did) and didn't know about that weakness, that's on you. What could you possibly need from them unless a structural element like the tabs that hold the strap on, spontaneously fail after the first use? If a relatively low price point product fails after 1-2 years, what did you expect?
  6. Thanks Bob
  7. I just picked up a Custom Penn 704Z. What would be a good rod to pair it with? I was looking at the Lami Carbon Surf 10' at J&H yesterday. Looking for something $200 or less. Thanks!
  8. Reel sold to afterhours pending payment @mcdonams are you still interested in the rod? Is so, I'd drop to $150.
  9. Price drop $250 for reel, spool and 2 lines. GOOD DEAL! YOU BUY!
  10. @afterhours Sorry I missed your post. I didn't get an alert. My bad. I'll do $150 if you're still interested.
  11. Could you do $100 shipped?
  12. Looking for a recommendation of any shops that have a good in-store selection of foul weather gear, looking specifically for a new set of bibs and boots.
  13. I was looking for the same the other day and I came across a suggestion of adding a can of smoked oysters to your chowder. I haven't tried it yet but definitely will next time I bring home a keeper.
  14. I’d say it’s just annoying. How much do you reel in? And once you are, you’re fighting the fish so question whether you’d even notice then.
  15. I’m in a similar situation. I had an AS medium for a while but then started fishing a lot more this year. I got tired of switching plugs out at night so I picked up a GU 3 tube here in the BST forum for a good price. I agree with someone above who said that the load that the AS bag carries is ideal. I like the buck tail pocket. That said I find the construction lacking, I frequently snag hooks, and I find it difficult to get plugs out of the last tube. I really like the construction of the GU and I think when compared to other bags it meets the best balance of price/quality. I’m planning to pick up a second 3 tube for a daytime bag and add a buck tail pouch on my belt.