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  1. If that deal falls through, I'll take it.
  2. Apologies, ^^ NJTramcar, would you do a package deal with the Tica? Say $150 for both? If so, I can pickup tomorrow after work near Middlesex
  3. How many of them are an ounce?
  4. If it falls through let me know
  5. What size bucktails would you say this rod throws best?
  6. Once caught a duck in my cast net... Threw it off a pier, and a duck was flying by and found its way into my net. I let it go really quickly. Released unharmed
  7. I'm in Thanks
  8. Make sure your bait is FRESH. Casting distance isn't as important as you'd think, I've found, but make sure the bait is fresh.
  9. I use a heavy duty trout-like stringer. Works well for fluke
  10. Looking for half ounce - 1.5oz Spro style jigs for fluking in the bay. Let me know what you have
  11. I went to the Sunday showing in Point Pleasant. The largest setup (with the 11' I believe) could have crossed the Manasquan inlet - it had to be casted diagonally. They are very light to hold. Very impressive.
  12. Not too bad. Didn't bleed out well enough though