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  1. I am looking for a Ross R2 Fly Reel for a friend, feel free to e-mail me because I'm not on the forum much anymore. Thanks....Jim epackage@msn.com
  2. Someone has sand in her panties....
  3. Epic WIN with that comeback DJ....
  4. disagree 100%, he signs an extension....mark my word
  5. Luckier than the 7-7 Giants after 14 games???, who had to win out on the road with many 4th quarter comebacks, that's the Miracle team who made it to the SB...
  6. Classy job by you and all the Pat's fans....great game and no controversy....See ya next year ??
  7. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Peyton's little brother keeps finding holes in that terrible Pat's defense that hasn't improved at all in the last 4 years. That throw and catch was next to impossible to defend but it's Oh So Sweet seeing you Pat's fan have to suck it again...
  10. I'm in...
  11. Fluke Masters Tournament Dave Lilly of Hazlet figured he'd had a good day of fluking with a five fish total of about 26 pounds, and with the southeast wind coming up he decided to weigh in early for what would likely be a runner-up position in the 14th annual Fluke Masters Tournament at Leonardo. He was surprised when an angler weighing in at the same time had almost 40 pounds -- but that turned out to be insignificant as this contest may have produced the toughest fluke competition of all time. Lilly was at the Leonardo Fire House to get the results, and was amazed that one boat brought in a huge 16.1-pound doormat -- only to be beaten for the Calcutta by a last minute 16.2-pounder When it came to the five-fish totals, the winning weight was an incredible 47.26 pounds that barely edged a bag of 46.52 pounds. The next two spots went to boaters with 39.3 and 39.01 pounds. I have no names for the winning crews at this writing. As good as the fishing was, Lilly said he had wind against tide while fishing in the ocean during early morning, and than a roaring southeast wind that required;very heavy sinkers after that
  12. The inability of the left and right politicians to compromise on their positions in any way, shape or form by towing the party line....I didn't see that option Robert so I didn't vote..
  13. Nice pair of fish Snaps...