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  1. The very best
  2. It's an HTP brand. Will let you know if they honor the warranty.
  3. The company that originally installed the boiler sent out a service rep to check it out. They will try to get the manufacturer to warranty the tank. Hope this works, tank warranty says "lifetime against leaks".
  4. Thanks everyone for the good info and advice. The boiler is actually in my son's house so I'm going to try to isolate the tank tonight and see if that keeps the pressure from rising. I think the reducing valve I installed is ok because it works right away and then the pressure slowly builds up again, exact same way as with the original valve.
  5. Thanks, good idea, will do
  6. Thanks, that's a great idea. Warranty says it's lifetime for leaks, one year for everything else.
  7. Having a puzzling problem. Boiler (oil) pressure is 30 causing the pressure relief valve to drip, as it should. I put in a new Pressure control valve, happy day, pressure 18, life is good. Overnight pressure creeps up to 30...drip drip drip goes the relief valve. Give up and call in reputable plumber (maybe). They change out the expansion tank, new pressure relief valve, air separator(?), and same result. Initial pressure fine, next day 30 again. Boiler is not old, 6 years. Street pressure is 80. Plumber says the only other possible cause of the slow pressure build up is a leak in the indirect hot water heater pushing street pressure slowly back into the boiler. There solution, new indirect water heater, 4K installed!! Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on far as the pressure? Thanks
  8. You only get old if you're lucky and smart , please make a note of it, youngsters
  9. Harvey and Rosie's love child
  10. Obviously not a keeper
  11. Yes, Orvis has been top notch with me too.
  12. Yes I have. I prefer the hooks that can be used with a keeper spring. One thing I tried today was to put a 25 lb TA clip on first and then just leave that on each hook. Looks crappy but it will work.
  13. Those swimbait hooks that I've used have one annoying drawback. It's very difficult to use a clip because the hook eyes are very small. Worse ,if there is a spring inside the eye it's near impossible to use a clip. I would use them much more if not for this problem.
  14. Retiring and moving to Cape Cod Jon Shein.....knew his stuff and willing to share Light weight kayak with fat wheel eez cart