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  1. Day late and a dollar short here! Ya still got these for sale? Gotta get here more often!
  2. Well, it was worth a shot!
  3. Hoping w/ the wealth of knowledge here someone can help. I am using a one piece shooting head style line w/ a braided running line. Mist green head and white braid. Head is appr 30 ft. Maybe 3-4 years old. I have gone thru my many fly line boxes, etc and cannot match it up. Calls to Cortland, Rio and Air Flow have been negative. This is line has been perfect for steelhead / salmon fishing and I would love to get another. Anyone got an idea?? And if anybody has one in a 6,7,8 or 9wt and would like to sell please let me know!! Thanks guys
  4. Love mine!! VS is very fussy about quality control. Very nice product.
  5. I'll take it. I'll pm ya my info and send me your PP info. Thanks
  6. AS Phantom is my favorite. Had it since they came out and love it. And the Bayman is my favorite warm weather top. For me it's the ability to open the neck up that makes these my favs.
  7. Got a copy of Striper Moon. Pic and recipe for Ken's Clam worm fly are there. Here is his tie for a clam worm Hook: Short shanked egg fly type hook size 4 Tail: A wisp of chartruse Glo Bug yarn 3/4 of an inch long. Wing: four wisps of steelhead orange Clo Bug yarn 1 inch long. the wing is tied in facing the eye of the hook and then is pulled back as a veiling. Comment by Ken - This fly works at the begining, the middle and the end of the hatch.
  8. I'm in! Love that!!
  9. Just had some "Angel's Envy" my son brought home. Smoothest bourbon I've ever had. Something new; google it. Very, very good IMHO!!
  10. Amazing!!
  11. Use VS150 on my 10Fter. Rods so light it's a perfect match! Sure the 150 has enough drag and line to do the job!
  12. Pretty good, he sure hung in there!!
  13. What a gesture!! And for a great cause. And April's Fools Day just up's my odds!!! Way to go Mike!!
  14. Nice! thanks for sharing the idea.