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  1. maybe some of you guys can help me out i was wondering how much a descent lathe and air brush kit would run me for
  2. thanks very much guys
  3. thanks for the info its gonna help
  4. gnarly
  5. nice
  6. yep no doubt in my mind
  7. hey welcome
  8. nice racklol
  9. 9' lami thats what my old set up was, now i have a vs250 and a 11' lami
  10. nope doesn't ring a bell
  11. lucky u wish i was going
  12. very very sweet
  13. first time i ever saw one weird looking
  14. and on top of the 49.95 service charge theres no life time warranty on the new van staals witch means each time you send it in for parts you have to pay for the new parts unlike the old one's but you cant complain about the real it's like silk
  15. 30# fireline no ifs and or butt's its keeps its strength for 3 or 4 years then change it i'm on my 3rd year this fall
  16. pretty gnarly how much does it go for and how's the suspension
  17. not the first time that I've heard that someone called the dec and never showed all theses rules and they don't come to enforce them when someone one calls in
  18. i want every plug on this thread