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  1. I just have to put out a public service announcement for the news guys fishing Montauk this year. I haven't posted in a while but after this past weekend I had to make a post. The amount of guys I saw fishing this weekend with their head lamps on was outstanding. Guys if your uncomfortable fishing at night then don't fish at night with your head lamps on it ruins it for the other guys out there its as simple as that. I use my light as little as possible to save my night eyes so I don't have to rely on a light, and when I do use a light I usually use a red one so i don't lose my night vision. If your uncomfortable or leery of fishing at night go to a beach you know very well during the day and cast with your eyes shut. thats how i learned when i was 8. This is the only way your going to get use to fishing without a light. I hope people see this so Montauk doesn't look like the city this season............that is all
  2. ya that as well, but thats something else. When I'm on the beach or parking lot at night my running lights and fog lights are on. My regular driving lights are off.
  3. i think a mod should just make this a sticky at the top of the page even the main forum too bump
  4. don't know of i posted her here yet but we got her back in june. she everything we could ask for and more. 2008 2660 sailfish with twin f150
  5. From the album Lets See your Ride!

  6. From the album Lets See your Ride!

  7. From the album Lets See your Ride!

  8. From the album Lets See your Ride!

  9. From the album Lets See your Ride!

  10. From the album Lets See your Ride!

  11. hey guys im looking to buy a cooler rack for my new wrangler. im looking for a single cooler rack for either a 94 qt or 128 qt cooler. let me know what you got with a price and we'll work something out. i would perfer a local sale meaning on long island. ill come to you it doesnt matter.
  12. bump anyone
  13. any one know what the fluke regulations are this year did a quick google search and found the 2011 ones but not the 2012 ones.
  14. aqua pac $30 just got it yesterday from ems haven't used it in the water yet but looks very well made. 5yr Warranty and you can make calls take picture, and use it like it was in ur hand and not in a case. check it out.
  15. thanks for the info. finally easing up
  16. okay thanks guys i was just checking to see of i missed the regs this year, time will tell.
  17. [img=' alt='448'> the pencil is just so you can get idea of size so. these should give you a good idea of what you need. notice the corner pieces for extra support and strength. i don't know why the last image isn't rotating i cant figure it out sorry
  18. i wanna say around $100-$150 maybe alittle more. i cant remember for the life of me right now. The guy i worked with was great he drilled holes in it for me and added in supports in the corners for extra strength. after i got it i sprayed painted it to keep the rust down and make it look nice.
  19. [ATTACHMENT=4966]IMG_0147.JPG (985k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT] ill post a picture up of what i had a local welder fab up for me. its not the best picture but it should help. ^ thats basically what it looks like. it is 2 in square tubing with rounded edges and 5/8" thick steel.
  20. [img=' alt='234'>
  21. [img=' alt='448'> the new rig enjoy
  22. I was fishing Jones this weekend taking a beating in a wetsuit i go down to grab my pork rind jar and it wasn't there. Needless to say a few words came out of my mouth. Later when i was making my way in i see jar floating in the surf and wouldn't you know it it was mine, dumb luck i guess. Hope the camera shows ups. If i was there and i saw this i would of looked for you during low tide.
  23. i like the front my self. i haven't noticed any drop in mpgs on any of the vehicles we had it on. the old [img= the new' alt='700'>
  24. ya how much you got
  25. just letting everyone know that the north side is for the most part drivable from the parking lot under the concession stand to false bar north bar. i don't know how it is going to stepping stones, but the rest is a piece of cake compared to last year. i was very surprised to see this when i pulled up. tight lines everyone.