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  1. money on the 14
  2. Going to give it a shot Saturday. Boats all ready to go into the slip.I set a trap in my slip i have plenty of crabs
  3. there back in westbrook
  4. 32.00
  5. pm on the way
  6. will do 32.00
  7. 65.00 shipped paypal
  8. 9mm got to get used to the sight, practice day tomorrow
  9. Just picked up a P320 going to take her for a spin tomorrow
  10. Big Biscuit still looking for one of these lordships.i was going threw my plugs today and found this if you want it pm me your addy and ill ship to you
  11. Bigfish 20 shipped paypal
  12. works for me pm on the way
  13. pm on the way
  14. 2oz used in great shape white is a JR the other is a SR 55.00 shipped paypal