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  1. Has anyone had any luck in the surf with smaller size mag minnows (the second largest 4+ inch one?
  2. Parfume companies should really step in into the fishing scent market. Imagine the labels: Midnight Striper, Morning Blues, Sharp Shark....
  3. You mean the golden flaxen? I was actually asking about the type of paint that holds up well on the lure. Is there a particular brand? Did you strip off the underlying paint?
  4. For those that do use scents, how do you wipe/wash it off prior to putting it in the bag?
  5. Wow! So beautiful. What paint did you use?
  6. How do you scent your lures to make them irresistible?
  7. It’s this thing that eats single-hooked serpentine-groveling sluggos.
  8. Wow. No love at all for these beautiful lures.
  9. A very interesting topic. I tried teasers late this year, but haven’t caught much on them yet. I am thinking a 3 inch white gulp mullet on a 1/0 hook should make a great teaser. No?
  10. What a crafty subject! But if fairy tales teach us anything, you’ll be the one to inherit half the kingdom and princess’ hand.
  11. I see no love on this forum whatsoever for Yo Zuri Mag Minnow lures. The wiggle and casting distance look great. Is it that they don’t work too well for stripers? Is there a target fish, location or a fishing situation where you would use mag minnow? Or is it just an unsuccessful lure?
  12. Nope. Copyrights do not protect utilitarian designs.
  13. So, are you saying those baits are specific to Fukushima, Chernobyl, Springfield and Three-Mile Island areas?