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  1. Most seasoned fishermen I see use SS little neck poppers. Sure, they look and cast well. But are they really unique? Is there anything special about them that I can’t get in a popper by another company? Are there alternatives that fly just as far and catch as well?
  2. Does chartreuse color work as well there as up-here?
  3. If you had a choice between two identical solid-color lures with color being the only difference, which one would you pick — white or chartreuse? Why? If this lure was used not only domestically, but also to fish around the world, would this make a difference in your choice?
  4. I see many lures /plugs sold in gold color, but almost never see them fished in Noreastsurf. Are our fish not gold-hungry? Is it a color more suited for the Caribbean? When would you use a gold lure?
  5. Are they mostly meant for trolling?
  6. Has anyone caught fish on them?
  7. Shimano Waxwings have been on the market for a couple of years now. I just got my hands on a few today. They are amazing! Beautiful with huge eyes. Cast super-far. The action is unlike any other lure I’ve seen with huge zig-zags and swings. I can’t see how any fish can resist such a lure. I almost swallowed one myself! So, how come they are not getting much love from the fishermen? Are they not as productive as other similar-sized lures? Are those tail-hooks not effective? Is it because of the crazy price? If they were $8 a pop, would they be much more popular?
  8. Amazing info! Thanks so much. Any advice on the color of soft plastics?
  9. Thanks so much for your reply! So noone is using sinking ones from the surf?
  10. Burn them as fast as possible? Are the fish in warm waters of the Caribbean as fast as the ones up-north? I always assumed that given that warm water dissolves less oxygen, I should reel a bit slower there. No?
  11. Which ones do you use, sinking or floating? When do you use each? Should the two be retrieved differently?
  12. What color sp do you think would work best there?
  13. Has anyone fished anywhere in the Caribbean?
  14. This is the location.
  15. I may be heading to La Romana in the Dominican Republic in December. It’s the southeastern part of the island, near the nature reserve. Has anyone surf fished that area? What kind of fish can I expect to catch from shore or kayak? What kind /size/color of lures would you suggest? What natural bait works from shore? Would gulp work? Any advice, tips, techniques, fishing guide suggestions and personal stories would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!