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  1. A great small reel. Unused, but without a box. Comes with a spare spool. $60 shipped.
  2. If the line is indeed flatter and stiffer than the original slick, do you think it will keep the same casting characteristics as the original? Would there be any advantage using the line over the same-rating maxcuatro, which is much thinner and has 4 runners? I am particularly interested which one will cast longer.
  3. They are still on backorder in most stores. But I was lucky enough to get a 20 lb spool in onyx and want to share my impressions with my SOL brethren. The line feels very smooth, running through the fingers. I also love the new onyx color. The packaging is beautiful, and the 8 on the package is now golden. However, as I try to roll the line through my fingers, it does not roll as easily as the old super-slick, which to me suggests that it may be a flatter-shaped line. Also, the new line feels a bit more rigid. As I try to make a loop of the line, it takes a much larger loop than the original slick. See the picture. Perhaps it will get softer with use. And as compared to two 20 lb slick lines, 20 lb PowerPro Maxcuatro feels considerably thinner and much, much softer. I have to say, that my assessment is very unscientific, but I still wanted to share. Has anyone had any experience with the V2 yet? If it is indeed stiffer than the original superslick, would you expect shorter casting distance? Or would the stiffness help the line slide off the reel easier?
  4. I am in Brooklyn, NY, by Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways. Is there anything swimming out there right now that I can try and catch? Or have all New York fish retired to Florida?
  5. Are presentations for SP Minnow and Mag Darter the same, or do you “play” one differently than the other?
  6. Let us know how it goes.
  7. I Heard from others that old Mag Darters are really much better than the new ones. I held them side by side and barely see a difference. Are old Mag Darters really much better? Are there differences?
  8. Thanks for finding it. Indeed, a very informative thread.
  9. No?
  10. Most threads here are about plugs. Do you happen tomremember any keywords for that thread to help find it?
  11. Has anyone used sea fleas as bait? Are they good for stripers? Fluke? Blackfish? How do you rig them?
  12. Some great threads so far!
  13. As Gulp Alive! ages, it changes color and the liquid gets darker. Once the liquid is brown after a few years, is it still Alive? Will the taste/smell still be appealing to fish?
  14. I just got some sinking SP Minnows, but can’t figure out when to use them instead of the floating ones.
  15. My travel rods number at least 20. I tried most travel rods out there. If I was to recommend one universal reasonably-priced rod for saltwater travel (something for surf fishing large and small and occasional boat and kayak), I would go with LL Bean travel rod in the heaviest version. There is also a 25 percent off sale on everything at LLBean going on right now. I have the older version of this rod and can’t say enough good things about it. It is no longer my absolute favorite travel rod (I really like Shimano Exage 5-piece rods, especially the 2.7 meter extra heavy model, but it is not available on the US market), but it is the best price/quality/size/usability compromise of all the rods I tried on US market.