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  1. What's up with the plate style seats? Now that I have the second layer of tape on it feels much more comfortable.. I think gluing a traditional style seat on the two layers of tape may be the less desirable option considering longevity. I may just use some silicone tape first and see how that goes. To my surprise, with the second layer there isn't much squish, feels like a pretty solid grip.
  2. Asking for $175 would only like to deal local (Staten Island) I'll get some photos soon if there is any interest. The cover fits a standard size 2017 Silverado bed, I'm not sure about RAMs or the newly designed models.
  3. I pin fish Ontario tribs for steel often but aive never gone there this time of year.. It may be worth it to get a guide and do lake trip, there are some real monsters in there. Otherwise, you may be able to get into some smallies in the river if you don't want to spend the money.
  4. I took the thread off, going to let it sit for a few days and then hit it with some 400 when I find the time.. The thread helped a bit, it's almost seamless in most places. I don't know how the factory rods have such perfect grips.
  5. Hahaha, it won't make things worse.. It's helped me this far.
  6. The butt is at about .825 inches, diameter seems slightly slimmer than my GSB108M.. Should be interesting getting some thread up that hill towards the tip once I get shrink over it.
  7. It's a 10' but the blank is light, I'm using titanium guides, a slightly longer than usual butt and a VS150 with the rod so I have no idea what to expect. I added an extra layer of 1/16th over the top of the original, I made sure to get it tight and I went in the opposite direction of the original layer. Right now it's sitting on the lathe with some size D thread over it. I plan on leaving that on there a few hours. Hopefully that will help things stick and compress the tape enough that the small gaps will be less noticeable. I'm much happier with the diameter with the second layer of tape. I think it looks good so far but I'm debating whether or not I should still put shrink over it.
  8. Sorry, not interested in a VS. Great looking reel though!
  9. This is what I was most concerned about.. I just don't like EVA. For whatever reason, I have trouble wrapping regular 1/16 inch rod building cork tape on thin diameter rods. I find that I have trouble getting it tight and I get gaps. Maybe I'll just put some shrink tube over some regular cork tape and call it a day.
  10. I finally received my CTS 1-3oz blank (a few days after the estimated delivery time for those who may be curious but that was likely FedEx's fault) and I underestimated the skinyness of the butt. I was thinking of using 2-3 layers of some adhesive backed cork tape from Amazon (it seems pretty thin) and putting some shrink tube over it. I'm going to use a Fuji plate style seat—I'm worried about the seat moving after a while, the longevity of this kind of cork tape and whether or not it will give. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to build up some diameter without adding too much weight?
  11. Is your price firm?
  12. I would possibly be interested if it's a VSX
  13. Asking for 565 shipped. Pretty clean, a few shallow scratches, nothing major, no damage to spool lip or anywhere important that I can see.
  14. And also saves some cash haha..