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  1. I was thinking epoxy, but I kind of wanted to dip it to get a better seal. Whatever is effective and cheap at this point works for me. Yeah, I'm going to thruwire it and use a spro barrel for the belly hook. I already have them drilled, hopefully my guess of where the weight should go works lol I'll have to see what some lurking turns up! Thanks guys
  2. I got them drilled and now I just have to figure out how to paint and seal them.. I'll probably just go with one or two colors and a rattle can, don't really want to make that airbrush jump. Thank you guys for all the inspiration!
  3. I'm on Staten Island
  4. Sounds good, let me know!
  5. Thank you guys for the responses! Yes, I figured the 3/16 would be easier to keep center. I'll probably turn the plug after drilling anyway though to assure everything is center. I saw that tutorial while I was lurking around, very good idea to keep the squares on the end to make drilling easier. I probably wouldn't have thought of that problem until I had to drill the holes, haha..
  6. I have some experience on a lathe and I figured that I would try my hand at turning some plugs after being inspired by some of your beautiful craftsmanship! I was hoping I could get some recommendations on what kind of plug to start out on, what wood to work with and some advice on hardware such as what size swivels, grommets, wire, what diameter bit to drill through the blank with, what weight belly/tail weights and if I'm overlooking any hardware that I will likely need? I don't want to invest money into melting my own lead. I could only find one site that sells hardware, I'm not sure if I can mention their name but their from Mass. Thank you guys a bunch!
  7. I'm on Staten Island in NY
  8. Looking to get rid of my blue wave and get something lighter and smaller. Preferably a 3 tube gear up but I'm open to others.
  9. What's up with the plate style seats? Now that I have the second layer of tape on it feels much more comfortable.. I think gluing a traditional style seat on the two layers of tape may be the less desirable option considering longevity. I may just use some silicone tape first and see how that goes. To my surprise, with the second layer there isn't much squish, feels like a pretty solid grip.
  10. Asking for $175 would only like to deal local (Staten Island) I'll get some photos soon if there is any interest. The cover fits a standard size 2017 Silverado bed, I'm not sure about RAMs or the newly designed models.
  11. I pin fish Ontario tribs for steel often but aive never gone there this time of year.. It may be worth it to get a guide and do lake trip, there are some real monsters in there. Otherwise, you may be able to get into some smallies in the river if you don't want to spend the money.
  12. I took the thread off, going to let it sit for a few days and then hit it with some 400 when I find the time.. The thread helped a bit, it's almost seamless in most places. I don't know how the factory rods have such perfect grips.
  13. Hahaha, it won't make things worse.. It's helped me this far.
  14. The butt is at about .825 inches, diameter seems slightly slimmer than my GSB108M.. Should be interesting getting some thread up that hill towards the tip once I get shrink over it.