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  1. Sorry to hear Mike, hopefully they will keep the same people on and run it better than the red dots
  2. rumor has it, that the Stanks paid the opposing pitcher $200k to serve one up to him.. Crazy. A lot of teams are asking MLB to look into effing cheaters
  3. yup... Mine was only 7 days... at the strength they gave me, there is zero chance I could do 3 weeks.. good luck.
  4. how many days do you have to use the cream?
  5. oof... glad he is ok.. Her injury sounds painful for Rehab
  6. It worked wonderfully for me. I still have both tubes and told the dermatologist, I can do about 10 more.. I did mine around 4th of July which was dumb as I really couldn't go out if it was sunny... hurt worse.. Then you peel like a bad sunburn. I'll take this route any day over getting sliced up.
  7. looks well fed...
  8. Coal Miners Daughter...
  9. bobby wagner is my new hero... It was great to see that last night
  10. He is a mean man
  11. what campground you at? cold night..
  12. I broke down and turned the heat on.. lol
  13. Correct and on point.
  14. I like October too and the smaller crowd.. Looks like we would be at Fisherman Memorial then.. October 9th is Columbus day
  15. my daughter texted me on her way back to school about the traffic around that area..
  16. oof... where was the accident? T&P to them
  17. me too..especially since you figured out the heat..
  18. I'm still in bare feet slippers make my feet sweat.
  19. Sun is out. Will heat it up soon
  20. and I was right. I take back my crown this year.... easily
  21. your team is not very good this year
  22. lol my oldest is the same.. rather text than talk.. drives me insane
  23. dumb ass question.... is there a easy way to know if they have been flooded? other than 2 years later when it rusts