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  1. well these 19 pages kept me entertained while I waited for my flight. Learned a few new things..
  2. Even if you win, they won’t pay.
  3. Don’t know. I’ll look when I head north next week.
  4. Hallo
  5. Eff Roccosan and his fat Bulgarian friend.
  6. Death is really a part of your lexicon.
  7. So Guesterino, what is the real story?
  8. I’m really sick of league. It seems there is a flag every play.
  9. You are really weird. I’m mean off the charts
  10. Pats D sucks so it doesn’t matter. Their cheapness and chitty picks have caught up.
  11. I don’t think he cooks. Just take out.
  12. 4x
  13. anyone else notice Guesterino absence..?
  14. isn't Landyroo 55 or 56? that is pretty old to be chasing the newborns around... But good luck if he did.