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  1. I was at a wedding last Saturday night right behind the brewery at brick south.. they had a couple of Belleflower on tap... I really like some of their beer.
  2. I was audited 3 times and it was a b*tch. They wanted to see every receipt for traveling... well if you know sometimes they print these on chitty thermofax paper and the ink will wear off in less than a year. as an FYI each one of the audits were under a democrat president... The tax system is not a fair and equitable solution as it stands. it was a mess eff the IRS eff those that want to see 87k more people to screw you over. I'm sure I will be audited next year.
  3. it is... Bissell has avoided that some tho... I do believe substance has changed, but it is still good.
  4. happy Birthday eD!!!
  5. and they don't have the fat man hidden comfort on those... google that from llbean to know what I mean...
  6. Must be. That’s the one I got
  7. I got a new notification from the US mint today that it was shipping a new silver American eagle. Don’t even remember ordering that one. lol
  8. FBI raid.... things got interesting...
  9. RCH.... I had to google that... and so will Rocco
  10. Not here!! just broke about 3 hours ago
  11. true... but maybe wait for the flush out.
  12. Better than cheering for Russians