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  1. you must have been high... anyone who has skied Killington would know that.
  2. you love me
  3. we have the same mom????? wtf....
  4. you rang, Herman?
  5. they are making up stuff up for the sake of science and that is sad.
  6. why is almost black?
  7. I might have to do jerk chicken tomorrow
  8. You at one time sold me on walkerswood. Now you go changing your story.
  9. He did say dirt nap, right?
  10. Sweet dreams of Mikeeeee
  11. He was rather uppity in his "my way only" rant...
  12. yah gat a recipe for that? looks good...
  13. the pork belly was really good.
  14. You are a mean, mean person.
  15. Haha. That is exactly what I ordered.