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  1. It’s all open. Good pack depths. Was just too too cold to ski this past weekend.
  2. you talk to neighbors?
  3. Loots is in mod queue again.
  4. don't you get all smart assedity..
  5. You asked for updates. You sound like your pal eddy.
  6. This I did not read, Roccojackass.
  7. Thank you kind Sir.
  8. May I please have an eff Eddy?
  9. Man up if you can THOM
  10. You looked good in that Lexus.
  11. It must be a mess in your neighbors basement as well. I would be cutting away like crazy.
  12. my son and 4 of his buddies smelted a tide. I was so excited for some fresh smelts again, I had the cast iron out and everything. except they didn't get any..
  13. I hope it is an easy fix... That just sucks
  14. Rocco.. They said on the news.. updates are on the book of faces.. Avian Haven.