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  1. X2 on them Palmetto grits. That looked real good JuanValdez
  2. So what’s the latest, boys in the hoodz?
  3. mmm
  4. lol
  5. oof right in the nutz..
  6. the fish don't care you moran.
  7. Did you go fishing?
  8. never had blowfish... heard it is good... maybe togging THOM said that...
  9. Smoked is real good too
  10. It’s funny the hate for it. I ate a lot of landlocked salmon growing up.
  11. Where is DD? he sure has been slacking.
  12. It was good. Me likeeeee a lot we could use a gentle rain here for 1/2 day.
  13. Sunny here you morans
  14. Have a few Negroni’s tonight happy-birthday, old man