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  1. No i did not
  2. Fantastic. Must be huge relief.
  3. Hello Tom Monkey.
  4. They look in great shape. Wish I had one of those carrying cases.
  5. I give Kudos to you for the Tom Monkey moniker. Makes me me laugh every time.
  6. That’s a cool video. Not sure I would trust myself on a cold smoke. Quick question, once you cut it open, I assume you need to refrigerate the rest?
  7. Interesting comment. Are you saying he was duped into taking these fares.
  8. Spec? help your northern friend out?
  9. Not to sound rude, but I thought your wife passed on?
  10. that looks real good..
  11. looks good.
  12. That’s a tad mean, Thomas.
  13. I watched the 1st episode of mindhunters last night. I hope it gets better. It was rather slow, but somewhat interesting.
  14. Very good eye. I bet fat eddy missed that and was enthralled with Y shirt.