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  1. meh. Why would I do a bad trade.
  2. 90% of the houses in Maine have oil heat.
  3. shouldn't have you brought your cushions in.. eff ice
  4. It's settled then young obi-wan
  5. Mr. Wader.. they are from Canada..
  6. Red snappers was all I knew growing up. Still like to have them now and again.
  7. He loves you, man...
  8. wait till you ask to borrow it when you go to Disney..
  9. Good Job eddy. the 4 for 2 trade.
  10. Nightgown.. what's the sports radio around beantown saying about Cora not getting manager of the year? I don't get that one.
  11. Johnny Mosley rocked those bumps.. My two oldest skied one run with Glen Plake as they won a promotion..He was the epitome of nice.
  12. Killington is a little too far south for early skiing now a days..Him and his buddies enjoyed it, even though it was like 6-7 trails. We might get 6-10 on Friday in the Mtns. He will be skiing this weekend for sure..
  13. He's my 4th best forward this year.. His game is just getting going.
  14. nah.. just took a day off. He will crush your dreams.