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  1. i think he is going to south Jersey
  2. Good luck Rocco. Hope you get into some fluke. She’ll have a good time walking the beach. Hope you bring a big backpack for all the shells.
  3. I’m in maybe we can get Wigeon out of hiding.
  4. He is still on a bender.
  5. Is this the BIL who you don’t like?
  6. One schoolie this am. Should have hit the zzzzz button
  7. Still nice here
  8. One 21”. At least I’m on the board for the year.
  9. yeah
  10. that's real nice Guesterino
  11. I thought the water was up to 50.. lol... my buddy got a couple of 28-30" so let's see.
  12. going out early am... going after the schoolies.. hope it isn't dink city. Nothing big up here yet.
  13. who doesn't pee in the woods when they golf
  14. Sampo are da balls. All I use offshore expensive, though.
  15. mr. Sexy. Mikeeee should do that as well.