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  1. Good read, Mr Wade
  2. Not since the 70’s. Did you ever see a log drive? really neat.
  3. rocco worked hard on his picks... all #1 seeds.. lol
  4. Kinda hard to pick against duke and unc. Was thinking Michigan State, but that Zion is unreal
  5. When they jam up with ice, it is cool to see. makes a hell of a racket.
  6. They were out with the ice breakers on the majors rivers this week in anticipation of this storm coming in Friday. It is going to be ice jam city and some flooding...
  7. lol #63.. eat that THOM.
  8. yup.. big fan of NOVA too (the nerd in me likes it)
  9. That was a good frontline. I really enjoy that show
  10. You’re running on your toes too much mix in 400 m sprints while running. And never sprint downhill
  11. Thanks for running this, John. I have all underdogs which is ok in this format.
  12. lol..Probably mid april for places around me and early to mid may for other ones. Deep snowpack this year in the Mtns.
  13. no comments, fatty five adds?
  14. no. Probably worse
  15. I really like Savannah more than Charleston. People seem more friendly there. Plus I got asked to buy drugs on about every street corner in Charleston. which I found odd since, I look like a nerd.