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  1. alright looking to pick up a new rod. honestly i've never used any of the higher end rods really couldn't afford them. bu tim looking to finally invest in one of them. usually the areas i fish are long beaches no real jetties near me so distance is a bit of an issue. i prefer and feel more comfortable throwing topwater and bucktails. usually don't have luck with any form of lipped swimmers. what characteristics should i even be looking for in a rod? any better rods for what ill be throwing? unfortunately 2 piece is the only option i have gotten rid of my truck for work purposes. so any suggestions would be helpful
  2. fished from point down to the park and didnt get a bump and didnt see anyone with any either. on bait or plugs. hopefully it starts getting more consistent
  3. it is the 4-8 version
  4. From the album hurricane sell out

  5. From the album hurricane sell out

  6. From the album hurricane sell out

  7. Ill post pics tonight. Its not a z its a greenie
  8. alright well i think my surf fishing days are done:( so i need to evacuate all of my gear so ill start with these 1.) 10.0 ft tsunami airwave (lost about 3 inches of tip and repaired by profesional) 2-4 all guides are good (60 obo) 2.) penn 704 mechanically 8/10 cosmetic 6/10 (60 obo) 3.) penn squidder right hand handle mechanically 9/10 cosmetic 8/10 )60 obo) 4.) tsunami trophy 10.6 4-8 all guides are good (60 obo) will post pics as requested if you have any questions dont be afraid to askk looking to get as much as possible mainly want them to be used which is what they are meant for. will be plenty more where these came from just slowly going throughthings Sry post is updated with prices now
  9. what kind of reels? and what size rods?
  10. well i think sit it would be better just starting off and tryng to keep it within 200 since its my first
  11. alright im in the market for a cheap beginner kayak. open to almost anything but i am on a budget
  12. hey i just sent you a pm my buddy (who isnt on the site) lost his bag if you could respond either way on teh info i have given you that would be awesome. BUt either way you are doing a good thing by asking to return this to the owner hopefully the rest of your year will be full of more keepers.
  13. alright so ive done some research on this topic but ill get this started what is the best surf belt available? what are the pros and cons to the belt?
  14. im not saying that everyone here uses them im just sharing my personal experiences with other members plus since the site has changed they are only allowing certain compaines to advertise on the site which helps turn the followers towards those companies. so dont think the site is an open forum it has an aligence but it isnt going to admit it.