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  1. I purchased the rod as "new" at retail, and I had not opened the tube, from the time of purchase to the time I took the photos for posting here. Many thanks for the opportunity to resolve this via a gentleman's agreement, which graciously acknowledged an honest misunderstanding on my part, regarding the condition of the rod. Chris
  2. The last spool is no longer for sale...I decided to hang onto it. Chris
  3. Thanks for the offer of $30...I have to stay firm at $33 shipped for the last spool. - Chris
  4. SOLD to Killiefish. Thanks SOL!
  5. One spool of 30 lb. SOLD to RogueWave. Thanks, SOL! CS
  6. Killie, How about $158 shipped. This will enable me to clear $150, which was my "hoped for" bottom line on this rod. - Chris
  7. Killiefish, I'm going to have to think, for a bit, about the offer of $155. - Chris
  8. Been away from SOL for a couple of days... photos coming shortly... CS
  9. Bump... $65 ships the 2 remaining spools of 30 lb. Whiplash. CS
  10. I opened the tube (which is black)...the rod sock is grey, and the rod itself is black. Feel free to let me know if you'd like me to post a photo or two. - Chris