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  1. Looking at new electronics to be used on a Hobie Revo 16...West Marine has great deals right now on the Raymarine Element 7HV and the Garmin Echo Map UHD 74sv (GT54 transducer). * The Garmin says it has "...unparalleled coverage and detail with preloaded BlueChart® g3 coastal charts featuring integrated Navionics® data"...the Raymarine has "Navionics+"...is the detail level of these charts similar to each other? What Garmin transducer seems to work best in a 2020 Hobie Revo? GT54/GT24/GT20... Any feedback re: experiences with either/both of these -- esp. the Raymarine, as that seems to be a particularly good deal -- would be greatly appreciated...the units in general, transducer compatibility/workability, minimum-sized battery needed to use the units in a kayak, other considerations.... TIA, Chris
  2. After saving $$ for quite a while, I recently picked up a new Revo 16 (likely one of the very last 2020 models available), and I am looking to get it set up/laid out. Rigging questions for Hobie Revolution owners, particularly re: SW trolling rodholder mounts/configurations: What has worked well for folks in mounting a fore trolling rodholder? (photo attached...it is used for salmon trolling out here in the Pacific NW). FWIW, in my existing/previous boat (an older OK Trident 15), a Scotty 444 round base mounted just past the end of the foot well has served me well, but I am reluctant to put that big a hole in the deck of my new Revo. I would look forward to hearing insights (and seeing pictures) of trolling rod arrangements -- AND rigging/deck layouts generally -- that are working well for Revo owners. Also, which length/types of tracks (yak attack/other) are recommended? Many thanks, Chris
  3. Many thanks for all of the insights/feedback! Will give it a go using the advice posted...thanks again. Chris
  4. I have one of the old Roleez kayak carts, circa about 2002 or so. The cart is still in really good shape, except the support strap in the middle (pics attached) is fraying and will eventually fail. Does anyone have any insights into replacing/repairing this strap? It would be a shame to jettison the whole cart simply due to that one part. FWIW, I have other straps laying around that could replace it, but I have no idea how, specifically, to duplicate the existing heavy duty stitching with the strap under tension. Thanks, Chris
  5. SOLD to justafisher. Paypal address sent via PM. Thank you, SOL!
  6. For Sale: Canyon Bag in good to very good condition BW Sports Bag in excellent (like new) condition. $64 shipped, for both.
  7. For Sale: Green Penn 706 in good condition; Was packed with Surfcaster reel grease that I had laying around and spoiled with 50 lb. braid after I got it, then never fished since (the braid on the spool hasn't been fished). Extra set of new drag washers included. $125 shipped.
  8. Killiefish, many thanks for the interest in the reel/spool. I have decided to suspend this listing. Reason: I have very recently received some "local" advice to hang onto the reel/spool for use around here. If I do eventually decide to list this reel/spool again, it won't be suspended/pulled.
  9. Bump. Price reduced to $154 shipped.
  10. Thank you again for your interest. I am not ready to let this reel go for $110 shipped. Chris
  11. Thank you for your interest. No trades, please. (I'm downsizing for an impending move.) I will take this opportunity to add that I will throw in a couple of tubes of red Rocket Fuel, for the buyer of the reel.
  12. For Sale: Abu 6500CT Mag Elite, Green/Made in Sweden Very Good to Excellent condition. Hasn't been used in over 10 years. Stored in drawstring felt Crown Royal bag. $125 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  13. I prefer the Scotty rod holders (with a couple of the slip discs for more adjustability) for trolling, and prefer the RAM mounts for my electronics.
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