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  1. Sorry to hear, thoughts and prayers to fulton and evan, and to the rest of the family.
  2. i got my lic online with compass, and my uncle got his at Walmart, normal method. I have seen the tackle shops also sell lic as normal....
  3. OSV on VA has been open (not sure it closed), OBX is opening up this weekend, another national park, the point is open. just wondering whats the deal with MD. Hogan has implemented 'phase 1', would of assumed AIMD would be a part of that. New superintendent? i haven't kept track... from the above screenshot i added, it appears they didnt have a plan ready, and are working on one. Not saying open up the campsites and visitor center completely, but i cant see the risk of the OSV, or walk-ons. OC beaches are also open, and where crowded last Sunday. Have not heard of a 'spike' from that. Ill wave and not talk to anyone on the beach, promise....
  4. Anyone have any info on AI-MD? Given the state's and local areas cutting back on restrictions, with MD entering in phases of reopening, OC outdoor activities opened, and VA OSV is open... whats the delay here. Feel like punching a wall this AM
  5. Here is to hoping that things get back to 'normal'... and the beaches open up for all of us to get out. If you are fortunate to get out and catch, please share for the rest of us.
  6. wonder if the comms are still following their quota's with limited resources to check.
  7. I guess take this and interpret at will.....
  8. ...Back to the monthly reports. given the state of the world currently, hopefully we can share some reports.
  9. For sanitys sake, i hope they keep the beach open
  10. Ben, Any additional info on the bearings on the SDCS?... they are different size than the SD, are they stainless?. First thing i do with any reel is take out the spool bearings, and clean and oil them, so i noticed. picked up a 12SD and the SDCS this off-season, looking forward to seeing what they can do... if they cast equal to or better as the 1's, then ill be pretty happy.
  11. Thanks for posting Bev, I will put my comment in for option 1. I received notice to renew my fishing license, but have not purchased one yet this year....depending on how the above goes, even if i'm out of state, i will probably purchase a VA lic and get my FIN # for MD...
  12. Thanks for posting Claudius.