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  1. havent posted much, been busy, really busy, but was able to get out a few times. great seeing friends and missed a few. caught some nice fish, all stripers where released and healthy, kept one blackie. Stripers numbers are way down, really good bait makes a huge difference . I think conditions with weeds and wind didn't help much either.
  2. they are eating a lot of peelers
  3. My MPG isn't hand calculated, its via the computer, which i have up the entire time, in the center screen on the dash.... i have heard the computer isnt as accurate as hand or computing yourself, its probably on the high side, BUT i use it mostly to see when im driving how much fuel im burning.
  4. he is a ford mechanic.... they make a lot of $
  5. i must drive like a grandpa or something.... 2017 3.5 EB, normal sport package with 18" wheels... i have been running 93 lately and getting 21-22. When i put the rack and rods on the top, i get around 20, and that includes driving on the beach in 4x4. Im in your local area too Kbetts... its FLAT, you guys must be gunning it every ware.
  6. nice allen!
  7. I believe Tim approved his post, it was approved before me, so i guess no spot burn
  8. For the record, real time info, although some on this thread defend the comms and state they are not the main issue, i hear the data.... BUT last few months haven't heard or seen very little on the rec side of good or even any fishing, comms are out getting their quotas in VA and MD... I'm sure they know whats coming, so they want to get what they can. Unfortunately its all the larger breeder fish that where probably heading north to the Hudson. Entire schools of 30lb+ fish (not feeding) getting wiped out. Even heard comm lost a net and it all washed up on the beach. I know the data shows the Recs take more, and that may have been the case, but i don't think that's happening lately, will be interesting to see the 2019 numbers when they come in. Wonder if some on the panel above can see these stats or data real time as well. Just really discouraging to hear and see info locally and then read the crap that the group who is in charge is completely wrong on every level.
  9. F..... B...S...
  10. in the first trough. had a hi-low rig, peeler on one hook, flea on the other, ate the flea...
  11. Was on AI, sandflee, released... hook was a mustad 10/0 39951BLN rod was the first 1502 i built, and reel was abu 6500 chrome rocket... same gear i caught my largest striper on... ill prob be buried with them LOL. I have a video, never shared it, don't feel like putting it on interwebs heh.
  12. Awesome Derrick!