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  1. when i picked up my pass this spring, i had to provide registration and license.... same as we do before, only difference is i didn't run my payment there... so yeah the process is the same, but they added more steps with having to do it online. Its a horrible process, which is par for the course and expected from anything .gov
  2. Summer is here, beaches are closing and the NE is keeping things more challenging... but there are still fish around!
  3. Yep and loves to drive his ford trucks
  4. Friday, buddy kept texting me and i held his spot at the end when he went to dinner lol. i like to head down at least once to see everyone, missed jimmy though, we was running errands.
  5. Thanks Derrick... for the record i introduced the skunk to the VA side last week lol, was 'first in line' and i caught all the rays in the ocean. wasn't holding my mouth right i guess lol. Was great to see everyone down there and meet few new anglers as well.
  6. Thanks Castnet! tried to find DE and VA.... but im working at the same time lol
  7. a dead 40" bass is a dead 40" bass, is a dead 40" bass.
  8. I fished most of last week, i heard that MD at least where adopting the new regulations on 7/2… but at the end of the week i heard it was now (today). first, personally i think its needed, this is basically a moratorium… 28 to 31 is what 3-4 inches… thats very very slim chance, i was hard pressed to catch one under 35 and haven’t this season. second, it pisses me off that no changes are being made on the commercial side. I know and keep hearing the recs take most of the fish, but i have seen that differently locally on delmarva over the years, not sure if those north of DE realize that, and that is sad and shortsighted. I believe currently that the price or value per lb of commercial caught fish is down at the moment, which may be helping keeping them off the water. Saw this last week infront of a popular national seashore. couple of questions… any regs or changes in the chessy bay? what is the status of VA and DE?
  9. Sorry for the late post... Spring is officially here!
  10. 'they' must be starting up there.... normally they drop them in front of the OSV... great fishing when you can see the net balls a few hundred yards off the beach in front of you....
  11. I drove down fine in my truck, f150. I thought it was skinnier at 21.8. If we get a storm or the birds are close, it wont stay open. It’s about the same as the fall in that spot. Was hoping it would build back.
  12. Nice catch dj, i was south of you for the start of the day… recognized the shirt
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