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  1. Its still cold here, ocean water temp hasn't got much past 45deg yet.... slim chance you can run into a black drum, but slim... more fish around Annapolis i would think than ocean side at this point.
  2. I'm trying to find out why the "Executive Order 13449—Protection of Striped Bass and Red Drum Fish Populations" that was passed in 2007, has had different results between the two fish. Is it just the game fish status on the reds that has made a difference?
  3. quite a few threads on the main if you have questions... don't want to derail this reports thread too much, thanks...
  4. understood.... just have to keep a eye on posts this time of year nothing personal
  5. Please make sure your legal.... *
  6. Is that why Chevy is looking to put in a turbo 2.7-liter four-cylinder in the new silverados.... ...hey i haven't called you yet , only thing that's been a little annoying is the trans cold shift first thing in the am... i hear a tsb / reflash helps that but i haven't gotten around to it. everything else has been butter...but i don't drive it hard, and i change oil often too...
  7. why has the redfish population gotten better the last 10 years? they are fished heavily as well from the rec side... mostly catch and release. Not just the east coast but gulf fisheries as well. I have a hard time believing this data posted (latest graph), just due to the fact of what i have seen. I would support moratorium on stripers / rockfish at this point, not because of my actions, but because the current system is broken.
  8. Jollywan, Sent IM
  9. Thanks Chris, needed that
  10. great pic allen to wrap up the year, hope 2019 is as good
  11. Thanks all, been busy with work and the holidays... lets keep the back and forth out of the reports thread, dont want to have to delete posts. i think if we had more to report, the back and forth would subside.
  12. i have little over 30k on my 2017 3.5 EB.... i haven't had any issues... and Brian your comments about being on / off make no sense.... there are two turbos on the 3.5EB, cause there are two sides (banks) of the engine, they don't go on or off, if there is exhaust flowing threw them, they are spinning. wastegates and valves on the cold/pressure side control the 'boost' or positive air pressure giving the engine the power. I would recommend that you buy a simple v8 or something so you understand it.... if your going to be working on it yourself, assuming your comments and questions for a vehicle.
  13. 197, its a rod geeks 11' 3-8, purple blank. first rod geeks I have done, pretty good blank for the $. I don't build much anymore, but enjoy it when i do. when it comes to ravens football, im pretty superstitious lol... My ravens 1509 was built in the fall of 2012 . I started this one when flacco went out, and they are now 5-1 since then... hope it has equal karma with the fish too.
  14. some pics from a recent build for a friend...
  15. following this thread as well, in the same boat... daughter applied to college in AZ,CT, CO and local, local had the least proposed $... had no idea we could reference other offers. all the 'information' from aid from HS and others never mentioned this!