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  1. Lets hope the fish continue to show!
  2. smallbatch9, you up fishing? I caught a bunch of the 'new drum' last weekend LOL
  3. 7ht internals are too weak for large fish like drum... even with the sleeve and carbon drag washers. On field, sure they are nice...
  4. my .02, there seems to be a lull after a main run of black drum that are heading north to spawn in the DE bay... either way, i'm going to try to knock the rust off...
  5. Thanks for relaying the message Carmen, sorry for your loss
  6. I have a fathom2 12, two older 15s, and the fathom 15cs... going to get another cs. The cs holds more line than the standard 15 daiwa is a great reel with good drag, but the newer ones are harder to ‘tune’ without aftermarket stuff like a mag.
  7. Fathom 15 cs
  8. ...or maybe they wintered off Delmarva and headed north.... all two of them left
  9. ironically i couldn't catch a "red fish" for the slam lol....
  10. Some recent random....
  11. Lets hope its the start to a great spring season!
  12. And what the **** do you think the comms do down here... every one north of here are fools, to be honest. I haven’t caught a bass in over 10 years on anything but a circle hook, in water cooler than 68 deg, and released a fish north of 53”. im all for a moratorium at this point, the fish that came up the coast are dead, and i know who wiped out tons of fish over 40lbs in a matter of hours, and it wasn't anyone i share the beach with.
  13. I don't really have input, as i have never bought a DE tag/permit... but Its making AI exponentially more crowded too....