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  1. I don't think he ever had his camper in the bullpen .... him and CJ where the rebels...
  2. I just took some screenshots from a vid someone posted at ICAST, hope i didn't step on any toes @ PENN... if they can answer / share more info, that would be great. wish they where making a 12 too... FWIW, looks to be the same size as the current 15.
  3. I haven't noticed any... i only run 2 or 3 out of the six at a time... so if i did notice, i could just enable / disable the others.
  4. first glance, they look the same size, but the spool looks different, doesn't have the same edge as the standard 15, but it could just be the black paint job. either way will def check one out. I'm completely happy with the current spring loaded break blocks in the standard, wonder what the mag will do, or if the bearings are better (not that they needed to be improved upon anyway).
  5. Miss fishing a tide with him often, remember the evening in that pic too.
  6. With new trucks or vehicles, i took it back to the shop to get custom duals off the frame in the front installed onsite.... maybe contact Reynolds to see if they can put it on for you, justice welding in selbyville is another option too. All of mine where installed with a slight angle up, so when you load it with a cooler full of ice and gear, it sits level...
  7. tried editing to remove specific spots/ info... couldnt for some reason. Please don't post specific structure / location
  8. Summer is upon us, hopefully the fish are still biting...
  9. Great meeting you TC and Paul!
  10. Thanks for posting this Jerry, appreciate this great idea. Lets keep this thread going.
  11. Lol, we will talk when your kids are graduating HS.... better convo would be the invisible hair starting to grow up top... I think the bluefish attacked because Chris offered it a miller lite...