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  1. The Maryland OSV Zone is CLOSED due to overwash.
  2. Here to hopefully the start of a good fall!
  3. bet some $ these are little bluefish. I didn't get any kingfish on bait strips because the blues where all over them. got two of these, and couple of kingfish, the end result....
  4. chicken necks. Lots of good info on this thread! ...don't ask who / where / or when... cause i cannot tell you.
  5. Thats what they probably call them in FL.... im sure they have a different, err, better name....
  6. Yep fished for a little while Sat, nada. Steve, i think i posted in the Fishing reports thread as soon as i saw it on the NPS FB page. It was last tues 8/7 for your records. Things look about the same down there as they did the spring.... guess no major storms or strong winds so far summer to move things around.
  7. Where is the stuffed plover? cant forget that!
  8. WMO

    really? i thought someone said that joken'ly.... wow
  9. WMO

    another 83lb on the dot came in.... whats next, rock / paper / scissors?
  10. WMO

    I had my brother in town yesterday, from Minnesota.... we visited the scales with his significant others family, saw that white come in, pretty cool! The family was dumbfounded that it was currently 'worth' 2.6 mill
  11. MD OSV open to state line
  12. Did you check out the link that i sent to the weather station on the beach? i would think that would be the best data period, i think there was link to gather historic data as well on the navigation on the left.
  13. one i had in hand was 40" i think, looks like a slot fish compared.... that was the second double that day... first one we didn't get a pic.