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  1. Castnet nailed it.... i had a buddy offer to let me use a good yak when i felt like it....hmmmm The striper situation is dire, don't see it improving, and the springs seem to be getting less and less as well.
  2. thinking of going out this weekend, looking forward to a skate and doggie or two if i'm lucky.... if i cant find bait, ill stay home and rake more leaves...
  3. Ha! that was all over social media as it being stuck..... i just figured they could afford the tow bill, and buy the tow truck too if they wanted to...
  4. Here is to hope some fish show up this month
  5. Don't ware boots with them. stockingfoot are great. I use some sort of sandals /crocks, they weigh nothing, easy to clean, and provide enough support... you just need to protect the stockingfoot from the shells and punctures. ..this is on the sand, on rocks or freshwater stream fishing, boots would probably be best.
  6. Why not the SM? what is better on the SG? I use a 13' heaver with my SM, as do must anglers targeting Drum.
  7. great info quan! I hope to fish the gulf states someday for reds, seems like i would get those days when you leave them biting cause your tired . Does seem like the east coast 'tribe' of redfish get larger? what is the record (state) for tx since technically you can keep it as long as you have your tag. Thanks
  8. I think the fact that the beach gets closed now at the end of the spring run is a reason.
  9. I donno man, iv seen some old large mammals (people) head to Florida to die.....
  10. Its been discussed before, and often wonder the same... some studies show they go offshore, some say they migrate south. I heard that some studies where conducted with tagging and transponders, but i never saw an official document. Im sure there are some over 60 out there.. i fished the beach where the NC state record was caught, pretty similar to AI. Hugh (Plug) and I talked about it a few times, he told me that usually the larger of the species are found north or the northern part of the species range.... I looked at him and said that makes sense cause i live south of you , he laughed and took another sip of his drink, and said EXACTLY (miss the guy). Same went for stripers too. Given the numbers appear to be growing, the range can be shifting from where the last record was caught (NC) to the north... hmmm.
  11. nice phil!
  12. i fished there saturday too.... nada for me as well.
  13. And i think its due to the management of the fish. If stripers / rockfish was managed in the same manner, few years from now may be like 15 years ago.
  14. ...makes me happy
  15. yep, same Springer, here is a shot of an albright with the tag ends... 50lb big game to 100lb big game... tied this evening.