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  1. Jollywan, Sent IM
  2. Thanks Chris, needed that
  3. great pic allen to wrap up the year, hope 2019 is as good
  4. Thanks all, been busy with work and the holidays... lets keep the back and forth out of the reports thread, dont want to have to delete posts. i think if we had more to report, the back and forth would subside.
  5. i have little over 30k on my 2017 3.5 EB.... i haven't had any issues... and Brian your comments about being on / off make no sense.... there are two turbos on the 3.5EB, cause there are two sides (banks) of the engine, they don't go on or off, if there is exhaust flowing threw them, they are spinning. wastegates and valves on the cold/pressure side control the 'boost' or positive air pressure giving the engine the power. I would recommend that you buy a simple v8 or something so you understand it.... if your going to be working on it yourself, assuming your comments and questions for a vehicle.
  6. 197, its a rod geeks 11' 3-8, purple blank. first rod geeks I have done, pretty good blank for the $. I don't build much anymore, but enjoy it when i do. when it comes to ravens football, im pretty superstitious lol... My ravens 1509 was built in the fall of 2012 . I started this one when flacco went out, and they are now 5-1 since then... hope it has equal karma with the fish too.
  7. some pics from a recent build for a friend...
  8. following this thread as well, in the same boat... daughter applied to college in AZ,CT, CO and local, local had the least proposed $... had no idea we could reference other offers. all the 'information' from aid from HS and others never mentioned this!
  9. He was local, and well known in the area.... will be missed greatly. Horrible accident where he ran off the road to miss another accident, called his wife and said he was OK, by the time the EMS got on scene, he was unresponsive and passed. Left a couple of young kids, and loving wife.
  10. Can anyone name another fish species that is fished commercially and recreational (not pelagic) off the US coast? Jim, at least they got the redfish right a few years ago... At this point im thankful every year that the fishery appears to be doing well. Yosco, you summed up my sentiments exactly.
  11. Mako, I i would ask you (and CWitek) to take a close look at the Spring 2012 VA commercial haul. not just the tons, but the timeline. The comms off of VA, south of AI-VA, caught their quota very quickly that first week of May 2012, and i heard (not officially) that it was mostly large schools of the larger breeder fish that where decimated, fish over 40". It wasn't just the amount but the quality of the larger fish. Since then, they are still targeting them as they come out of the chessy, but not the same tons, at the rate since that time. Not sure if the comm quota where dropped the end of that year, or if they knew of that reduction or what, but the tons reported dropped almost by half. I know in my neck of the woods, that spring things changed, before sandy or any other excuse. Most i know and fish with, which are mostly a fish centered group, wouldn't get 'excited' until we landed fish over 45". 40s where common, and many in the current slot range (for MD coastal)...until 2012 Most of these fish that i saw landed and heard of, where C&R. Also keep in mind that the fall run since 2009 has gone down hill as well, before 2012, but the spring time would make up for it. I caught my largest fish in 2010, 54", which was released.I haven't kept a bass since the spring of 2017, and it was one, the only one i was allowed to keep under the MD slot, not because i chose to, it was the only fish i got outside of the slot... I know that Recs play a part, but thats a definite time in this decline that keeps coming up in my thoughts, since that time, we get groups of fish, but nothing like we used too, at all. Finally, just this past month, DNREC in in DE had a hearing (no one showed) for DE comm fishery to change the overall catch from net from 90% /10% hook and line... to 95% /5 %... because "they couldn't fill the quota on the 10%, thus pretty much getting a additional 5% added to the nets. MD, last few seasons, local surf-casters usually run into nets 50-100 yards off the beach (legally). Honestly i don't look up or really monitor the comm side north of NJ, wonder what the tons are compared to the guys down here, year in year out.
  12. "a screen shot of the conclusion from the SARC/SAW webinar" ...Main forum has a big thread started as well... im sure you saw that tho.
  13. exactly. the 'face' of the commercial fishery has changed over time, i don't think may think that way or see that. If you get paid $ to bring home fish, your commercial. The netting does wipe out entire schools of fish, very efficiently... even if you had 20 charter boats in one confined area, you cant kill 4 tons of fish in 30 mins...
  14. ...keep in mind that charters and head boats, in my mind, are closer to the 'commercial' side than the recreational side. I see recreational as most of us, and those that have their own assets (boat, kayak, etc) and fish for sport, and don't make $ off of the process. There are some charters that do fall into the recreational side as well.