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  1. Yep, for horseshoe crabs…..
  2. I once ended a seagull with a 8oz sinker, sounded like a shotgun and a big poof of feathers… thing flew right into a cast right at the start… wasnt intentional, cant see it happening again… didn't need a towel for that instance just saw NPS update…
  3. Nate, I'm local to your area, i have several century rods built by myself, including a 7' jr mag. There are builders local in your area. i can build them, but I'm not into it for a business, other work and fishing get in the way, ha
  4. water / current (on coast) will not stop flowing south until the wind changes direction... wonder if this slows down the migration out of the bay, would you like to walk a week in this headwind ha!
  5. ...that may curtail any bird activity that may or may not be.... if this holds, hope the beach is back open by next weekend...
  6. They did away with the daytime 90 dollar pass some time ago. Now its only the single $110 pass and the bullpen / camper flavors.
  7. For example, rainshadow / baston 1569 = 156” or 13’ power 9. regarding your first question on which one is best for drum… there isnt a right answer, only opinions
  8. Lol, I would get another but i filled up the truck today.
  9. The fathom 15 cs holds more line than the fathom 15 1 or v2. i run .45 - .40mm mono (17-20lb). i put the same pressure on a fish with 17lb mono as 50lb braid.
  10. 7nbait… no sand fleas found on md or va side? Your not looking in the right patch of sand… this time of year i like to dig the mid-high water line in the warmer sand… not down by the water /wash with a rake. Found more than enough last trip.
  11. Couple of thoughts… if you want a penn reel that can handle sharks and can cast, get the fathom 15 casting special, holds the same amount of line as a SM or 30 size reel, 17-20lb main line. The squal 40 is not a casting reel… 50 or 60 shock with 100-150 rub. drones are not permitted on the national park beaches, not sure about the state side.
  12. Not sure is all tackle can get some if they dont have them in stock, there is sunset too, but I haven’t been there, if that strikes out there is DE like old inlet or wawmert
  13. Ditto!