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  1. I need a place to park amusing memes that don't quite fit a current topic, this will be it *
  2. I watched "Where the Red Fern Grows" (1974 version) last night, I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before.
  3. Congratulations! What kennel is she from?
  4. If you see a cop on the corner, you are reassured (unless you're seal). Put a cop on every corner, you are a prisoner.
  5. The message is clear, “Speak up or speak out, the irs will come knocking.” Even if you have nothing to hide, you bear the pressure and expense of you defense. Flat tax now.
  6. This all began with obamacare. One party has decided to and succeeded in many respects, in controlling the lives of American citizens, Covid was the next big entree, citizen health records in federal databases. Illegal mandates, closing businesses, travel restrictions. etc. ostensibly in the name of public health... all the while, allowing the import of tens of thousands of Covid positive individuals across our southern border. Covid also accelerated the war on cash, remember the change shortage, wtaf? Day one of the new administration, brought the war on gasoline, yes I said gasoline. The internal combustion engine, especially if pay for gas with the cash you made on the side, is the definition of freedom. Plug your EV in and you create all kinds of data that the govt. can track you. Think Alexa on steroids. I could go on, but, you get the idea... it's about destroying the foundation of the bill of rights to our constitution, the American Citizen's inherent right to be left alone. Yes, this another initiation of force.
  7. I see a helpful and nice officer obliging the very needy fellow with the attention he craves. Obviously his mother was a prostitute and or, substance abuser.
  8. Perhaps that is expressly what she was trying to avoid x 2500 patients. She provided decades of quality care and yet, you demand more. No small wonder she slid down the fireman pole and slipped out the back. Soul suckers.
  9. If she went to Russia to volunteer at an orphanage, I might have some sympathy... her arrogance landed her prison. There was nothing wrong with the evil dictatorship when she signed the $$$ contract to play hoops over there.
  10. Let her stew for a year.
  11. All the sharpies are shooting 8 pounders.
  12. Plenty of fawns here. A week ago the hound pointed turkey in the tall grass, 8 youngin's went up like a covey of quail.
  13. Tog bait, get the fish mounted.
  14. Technically the (even the AKC version) Basset Hound is a hunting dog, if someone doesn't hunt, agility is probably a better outlet for the dog than just loafing around.