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  1. 5 years old today! She's on top with the red collar. Steady watching a chukar fly off on Saturday.
  2. That was at a training seminar a few years ago, her first time on the chain gang! One of our fellow attendees snapped the photo.
  3. Never liked him.
  4. Of course they are!
  5. Nice to see the piles of logs stacking up as the PA Game Commission uses timber sales to improve habitat. I also saw a plow and discs at the edge of one of the fields, I wonder what will be planted? The current chief is dove crazy, so it might be sunflowers. I hope for some clover for grouse, deer, and turkeys.
  6. Good luck Tim, wear clean underwear in case things get spicy.
  7. You'd still hit it.
  8. The Warrior Princess usually doesn't bark unless she sees a bear or bicycle. Up on the mountain yesterday, I hear her barking well away any trail.... w
  9. He was high on a lethal cocktail of heroin, meth, fentanyl, and stupid.
  10. Little Pittie fun fact: they are the dog most likely to bite a human in the face/neck.
  11. Near Hickory Run.
  12. The woodcock migration is on, nice to get out with the hound. They love the thick stuff. Classic BdA point, level from nose to tail. Watching the bird fly away after flush and firing a blank.
  13. Greenwood state forest a few miles from ft Dix