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  1. Q. "What's for lunch today?" A. Euthanasia.
  2. A SFD? You can't handle a SFD!
  3. If either of the parents were worth anything, they would not be making mutts with them. That's the rub, pay $1500 for a mutt that even the guy who came up with idea says was a bad idea
  4. Sons of Anarchy Rockford Files Six Bull All in the Family
  5. Instead of picking a breed, pick a local breeder. You'll be able see dogs of different ages and they will offer you the most support and guidance in raising your pup. "Rescues" are fast becoming the the largest customer for puppy mills. "He's from a kill shelter down South" is ****, more dogs are purchased by "shelters" at mobile auctions and through wholesalers than are actually "rescued".
  6. Thanks. She's not the perfect bird dog (always working on that), but from day one, she's always been a great dog to hunt with.
  7. High energy only becomes a problem if you don’t exercise the dog. Buy a standard poodle before muttadoodle.
  9. HBD Judibob! Kasia got a chicken thigh and some venison, what did Judibob get?