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  1. I was in the business 20 years ago, pick the surgeon who does the most knees, he's likely the best. Knees require varying degrees of soft tissue balancing to restore pain free function and ensure implant longevity. I doubt there's a robot for that The PCL is what keeps your femur from sliding off your tibia when you descend stairs. Since your PCL is torn, you'll likely require a posterior stabilized implant. Back in the day, HSS (NY) was one of the few centers that routinely used PS implants for primary cases. Back then, the Zimmer Insall Burstein implant had the longest/best track record, due in no small part to the surgeons that advocated it and did a ton of them. Posterior stabilized implants require a larger femoral resection to accommodate the "box" that corresponds to an elevated spine on the tibial insert that replaces the PCL. Find a surgeon that routinely sacrifices the PCL, they will likely serve you best. Good Luck!
  2. I had a nice hunk of Krajana with my eggs this morning
  3. I always wanted a Z-28
  4. Just wind the staircase.
  5. Too much ass?
  6. At 35, she'll look like Barbara Bush did at 80.
  7. Back in HS we used to park to go surfing in front of a certain guy's house at the invitation of his two friends that were always just inside the gate. Downsizing hurts
  8. Happy Birthday to are Avant gardener!
  9. We ended the weekend with 19 woodcock and 1 hen pheasant. Nice work on 8 or 9 of the doodles and all-pro on the pheasant that she tracked about 150y before pinning it and letting me walk in for the flush Nice point on a double. She didn't even acknowledge the bird I flushed getting to her I might not send her off to live with the gypsies, after all