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  1. Icy Death Alert!!!!!!
  2. White Death Alert!!!!!!
  3. Two limits of woodcock on Saturday.
  4. Palma rifle matches are shot with iron sights at 1000 yards I have a 1.5-6 x 42 on my 308 Buy the best you can afford and don't skimp on the mounts.
  5. You are his, that is all that matters
  6. A stand alone GPS is a worthy investment, Over the past 17 years I have had 3. They have gotten much better, but also more complicated. My current unit, a Garmin Alpha has more stuff than I know what to do with. My advice get a unit that easily allows you to set and find again, "Truck" that's likely 90% of what most of us need. Everything else is gravy or clutter depending on your enthusiasm for such things. Rechargeable units are nice if they include a car charger.
  7. Congratulations to Pops! Best of luck going forward!
  8. It was a 1500 word copy & paste political post, TimS has thoughtfully provided the Political Graffiti for such items.
  9. Stop the hand wringing, head north this spring and slaughter the cows next spring on the Mirimichi and save the Atlantic Salmon!
  10. I think 300 Win mag in a Pre-64 Model 70 is worse, those stocks beat the hell out me.
  11. I don't do steaks. I cut my deer into roasts, For a perfect edge to edge medium rare- 3lb roast at 275 to 120 degrees internal temperature, rest for 45 minutes, rub with butter, season, return to a 450 oven for 15 minutes or internal temp 130 degrees, rest 20 min, carve, amaze your friends and family
  12. That cover in particular, has some jurassic briars. Sometimes it takes a pair of pruning shears to extract oneself. Little doubt that's why the birds in there, not many among the walking upright, are willing to get in there. Grandma told me "if you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough".
  13. Pho for me. I have a decent place a few miles away. I usually have mine with tendon and fatty brisket Too much soy products in Japanese soups- soy fires up estrogen production which is why you are gushing about it even though your nippples are sore.