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  1. Sorry
  2. Minus 4 here, the snow is so frozen I can walk on top of it . Keeping an eye on the dog in case she gets the idea that it's too cold to piss outside
  3. It's one of those jobs where the cost (usually about $30/hole) is low, but, the stakes are high- misaligned holes and broken taps can put you upside down in a hurry.
  4. Baby killers
  5. 12 degrees here, on its way to -2 tonight. Bread is going in the oven and another log onto the fire.
  6. Looks as if he snorted a grenade.
  7. I cleared the snow before midnight, rain and 1.5" of slush this morning. The trees have about 1/8" of ice. EPAWA did a good job with the forecast
  8. Cornstarch can help with that.
  9. About 7" and turning over to sleet.
  10. 3" or so here @ 7:30pm