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  1. Vegans also are killing their dogs with vegetables. dirty hippies
  2. He's making a list!
  3. We used to shoot frogs with a .45. It almost always separated the legs from the body reducing prep time
  4. Fine, make it 3 years ago.
  5. A strip of AstroTurf would look nice with the red stain.
  6. This man's best friend, a cold beer, and some time with the Zoom Groom, a near perfect summer evening.
  7. I've spoken to two cop friends about school shootings, both told me their SOP is to go in as soon as there is a second officer. No dicking around waiting for the State Police or SWAT, go in kill the bad guy, and save as many as you can.
  8. Last time I had a Nathan's hot dog it was so salty, I didn't piss for two days. IMHO, the pro level upgrade from a corn dog is a hot dog inside of a knish. YMMV,
  9. The wider the board the more it shrinks.
  10. Nice hike up the mountain with the hound this morning, both of getting back in shape