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  1. HPA
  2. the only thing better is the omegatek
  3. denny is having a hurricane irma party
  4. denny is having a hurricane irma party
  5. i called dennysnook earlier today to borrow a ladder to cut the branches off my trees and he said he can't come by the house because he has no gas and all gas stations are empty.
  6. YouZuri HD Dissappearing pink 30# - $12 + shipping (3pcs) YouZuri HD Dissappearing pink 40# - $14 + shipping (9pcs) prices are per 30 yard spool paypal please, shipping is $3 thru usps thanks.
  7. he finishes with 6 half hitches going the same way, cut the tag end, tighten the half hitches with a pe stick, burn the tag end, do 6 half hitches on the mainline going the same way and do a 5 turn rizutto. i finish with 1 half hitch over, 1 half hitch under, 6 half hitches going the same way, tighten with ahnds, cut tag end, then 6 turn rizutto on the main line. sorry we couldnt make dinner work out yesterday aquaholik. i'll be going to the middle grounds more so hopefully we can find time next time.
  8. that's not the workmanship of a reputable builder. that's a hack job. even threadwork sucks.
  9. going back to the surf James? salmon are fun fish to catch, so much power. when i went fishing in alaska with kilsong last year, salmon pulled pulled drag on a 5k stella with a lock up spool and they weren't even big, maybe 6# sockeye. you gonna have a blast.
  10. RIP Mike.
  11. this is not the the 753 OP is asking about the 804, i have built 2 of the 7'6'' for a member of this forum. xcluding another 5 for other people. i have built 2-804 for the same member on this forum, excluding 3 for other people. PM username bruno. this is the wrong blank for rooster and popping sub 100g, ask me how many rods i built for panama this year ranging from rooster, cubera, aj to 200# yft. this magic eye doesnt bend deep into the butt section, that is false. this however is tippy and wrong blank for rooster and popping 100g.
  12. that rod is too light for tuna. threadlock 50# is too much for that rod. buy a book, tom kirkmans book i sa good starting point to learn basic guide spacing. the magic eye dont bend deep into the butt section.
  13. lmao this is a good read. do use iwata on the urethane?
  14. Japanese company that i am affiliated with is coming out with their own line for jigging and casting/popping, 8 strand made in japan, i ill be sticking with it.
  15. first of all i would like to thank Aquaholik for the amount of time and effort he put into this. I still have a few samples to send yozuri and ocea ex8 but my quest for the thinnest and strongest braid is finally over. goodluck to you all, hopefully you'll find the braid you are searching for.
  16. i like the old look better!
  17. why would you amateurs use a reel seat based on the diameter of the blank? that's dumb!
  18. i have no idea if the guy would not compromise it, i dont know the guy. alot of hack builders has been recommended by alot of people who dont know what a hack buider is, if i were to build/strip a rod, there's only 3-4 people in the world that i would trust to do it. b40, mike g, mike the grand wizard, ralph and sean. i tnihnk only b40 posts still posts here. i live in florida and i am not currently taking any orders for now, i am backlogged 3-4months.
  19. stripping it is easy if the guy knows what he is doing. i can strip a rod down to the blank really fast, this is after stripping 23940328945658978 rods, some of which are fisherman, yamaga blanks, jigging master, ripple fisher, carpenter, synits, zenaq and blue rose. anyhow i have only stripped 2 cheap local blanks, a lamiglas 1081l and g.loomis forgot the name.
  20. another nice one, you're on your game lately. lol cant zoom on the middle diamond, is the silver a "C" or you boxed it? first pattern looks like c. trims on eva match the trims on the wrap. i bet the guide trims are the same.
  21. nothing is built unless it is sold.
  22. why do you want to do that and not let the guy do it? the guy who is rebuilding your rod will makes money on the components but you want to be cheap and take food off his table and give the money to someone else who isn't doing work on your rod?
  23. that's how it should be done, period! too many builders go for quantity. set rods of 6 all have different guide location, varies by a few mm, grips the same thing, one is longer/shorter than the other. if doing a deco wrap, repeats of the pattern should align too, start at the same spot and ends at the same spot. it is alot easier to build 1 than to build a set if you do it right and pay attention to details. GREAT JOB! was gonna post some pics but not gonna steal your thunder. this is a well done build from a rod builders' view.
  24. odm is not a good florida live bait rod- the ones i've used in sebastian.