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  1. but you have to remember he was using alkenite and not alconite, alkenite is definitely heavier than alconite, could've saved more weight if the builder used the right guides. it will be tip heavy now and adds alot of strain on the wrists just because of the guides.
  2. google zenaq fokeeto ikari very nice, a fine blank, awesome, i am telling you it is great, beauuuutiful. What is “IKARI BLANK”? IKARI blank is “Carbon x Carbon Structure” which means carbon core is built into a super high elastic carbon. A normal blank is tubular (inside is hollow), but IKARI blank incorporates carbon material inside of the blank as its core. This outstanding blank breaks the common knowledge of “High elastic rod = easy to break” by its phenomenal breaking strength with high elasticity. The biggest characteristics of IKARI blank, Breaking strength, Repulsive force, and Sensitivity, will make a clear distinction from other blanks before. although i didnt feel the difference from other blanks before. lmao
  3. are you talking about the true japanese slow pitch jigging technique? if you are, the tsunami is a POS. it is a rebranded inshore blank and dressed up with slow pitch grips. to have an idea of a true slow pitch rod get a feel of the following rods, dont buy and just feel it, evergreen poseidon, sea falcon, palms metal witch, yamaga stilleto etc. the tsunami has the worst tip and action for a TRUE slow pitch rod.
  4. 8kt is fine
  5. pe line/ leader? passing a knot?
  6. with 10mm you will and 50lb braid and 50lb leader you will hear a thud very cast if the knot is passing thru the guides.
  7. another thing, did he used the approved apoxsee to fused them 2 pieces together? only approved apoxsee is to be used.
  8. coz it's harder to find a 70 nowadays. 70 makes the line pass thru easily = more casting distance.
  9. there is a solution to that. even a twisty leader wrapped around the spool 4-5x will pass thru smoothly. Ask Dennis Verret i built his custom rods meant to fish for kingys in australia.
  10. that's your problem ding ding ding ding, we got a winner.
  11. 130# at the dock, caught on jigging master 300gram rod, jigging master pe7 reel with 80# braid, drag was set at 20#. thread used was metallic on fuji mnsg guides, no underwrap, no double wrap or 3ple wrap and other bs old wives tale metallic is not strong enough. i didnt build the rod.
  12. is there such a thing as waterproof laminate floors? not vinyl.
  13. i gave up and went with vinyl.
  14. flanged tip, started with torzite. built one for dennysnook a couple of days when the flanged design came out. ask him how he likes it? LMAO cracked on the flanged ceramic covering the metal. before, if you hit your tip on something the metal protects the ceramic insert. now if you accidentally hit your tip on something the ceramic gets hit because it is now outside the metal. have fun replacing a $22 tip. jett your tip was overheated and burnt. have them replace it.
  15. for flutter jigs your best bet is a short leaf like jig, asynchronous on the sides. fclabo, sea falcon, sea floor control, beats, reals plate jerker, basically all the slow pith jigs.
  16. 1/3 for speed jigging. if long jigs like nagamasa's can put 2 assist hooks, 1 on tail and 1 on nose make sure they are short so as not to tangle. hooks needs to be bigger than the widest part of the jig so hook dont snag into jig body.
  17. and people are waiting inline for it.
  18. i lie about it everyday. lmao
  19. to my knowledge billy designed the rod he recommends specifically for togging? billy fishes for tog, so if anyone was to design a rod for togging the best person to design it is someone that fishes for it. he would know more of the intricacies and finer detail of togging (what depth, what weight, how far the rod bends, etc. etc.) but someone recommended a rainshadow and you would take that reocmmendation over the rodgeeks because what? it is $64 and the guy recommending it is doing good with it? kinda moronic, no? you dont go to hygienist to have your molar pulled do you?
  20. if you're paying retail, yes.
  21. lmao, seriously? and surf people fall for that? wonder how many hands are in the cookie jar.
  22. no blank costs $500 , it doesnt matter what graphite or resin you use. perhaps if you import a self healing carbon fiber from pandora and reinforce unobtanium with adamantium maybe you're looking at $300. don't fall for that BS. i import japanese blanks, i believe i am the only small shop in the US with access to japanese blanks, no high end blank is $500 not even close. century has been raping you up the azz.
  23. depends which model carpenter youa re talking about. plenty of rods better and cheaper than carpenter. ripple fisher is my favorite, medusa custom wroks is a close 2nd. maven are garbage, POS. all of 'em extra fast, but they did a very good of marketing, have their very nice rod racks to show off, the wife assembles the rods with garbage guide spacing but beautiful paint job. do you good work belmo dont undersell your self.
  24. the GT guys, it was $1400 brand new. there's only 2 custom builder that i know of with access to carpenter blank in the entire world. lol, i wish. this market: