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  1. F14

    thanks everyone, you don't know how much of a help you guys are. the spaniards are going to run in the next 2 weeks following the mullet fall run. i'm going to post the pics these lures are going to catch (hopefully).
  2. F14

    is terminal tackle reliable? anyone ever ordered from here?
  3. reflects the peak.
  4. i fish with bait and lure. during season i fish w/ lure targeting a particular specie. during off season, i fish with bait targeting everythign that swims. but sometimes, especially pompano season, i am deadsticking w/ live sandfleas while plugging for macks and blues.
  5. i think scales are like watches. INACCURATE.
  6. hit on a shrimp w/ fish bite around 6:00a.m. at SI, Florida. put up a pretty good fight.
  7. on FWC, florida wildlife and conservation, you can keep 1 fish taht exceeds 20inches. i am just following the state rule. if i caught something that's legal i don't do catch and release. i do catch and fillet.
  8. yes, this is a pompano's big brother.
  9. get something light. literally lightweight. you dont want him to strain a muscle carrying thsoe heavy things.
  10. hehehehe x 100!!!
  11. tica make reel parts for big companies like daiwa, shimano etc... i have both the dolphin SF and shimano spinpower power aero. the tica dolhpin is in no way a knock-off of the power aero's. bearings are too less on the power aero, aero is made of all metal and it has baitunner feature lightyears ahead of the USA baitrunners. how can you say tica dolphin is a knock-off of the aero? the only smiliraties both reels share is the weight= around 23ounces.
  12. check out a rising star http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=888700&fr=
  13. gruden has a hand on all things, as long as he is running things instead of concentrating as being a coach, the bucs will always be a mediocre team.
  14. try afaw estuary or a lami 9'-10' or if you're on a budget... the tsunami airwaves are really nice.
  15. he is indeed talented, compared to "most americans kids" who are always in front of the TV playing video games.
  16. ldx is better imo. the guides on the ldx's are fuji alconite hard alloy. nick changed the guides from batson to fuji. the guides are smaller because they are lowriders- designed for mono and braid, or so i was told.
  17. you have a picture of your clipdown rig?
  18. get well soon and goodluck. and remeber not to fall on your back.
  19. Grandmaster, how many yards did the yellow fin pull? nice catches btw.
  20. looks like a pencil sharpener here's one:
  21. stingsilvers point judes f14 krocodile spoons
  22. grouper/snapper/wahoo
  23. i use a foldable fishing cart. i have a corolla, so i need something that would fit in the trunk. runs in the sand as well. with 4 rod holders. they sell for $39.