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  1. started with one deep brood box., harvested 12 jars around january. went splitting this year around feb/mar, 1 colony to 5, split and feed sugar water. population exploded like crazy. all walkaway splits, out of the 4 splits only 1 made their own queen i had to buy 3 queens in a time when every apiary were 4 months backlog on queens. honey supers installed late may, inspection last weekend showed 60% full/capped on 4 colony. the weakest hive (middle colony in the back) just got the super put on last weekend. i dont use queen excluder as i am not commercial, i only take the honey to the sides, 1,2,9,10 frames and leave everything as i plan to split around aug/sept. probably from 5 colony to 12 or 15.
  2. thanks buz! you noticed denny lost weight too? lmao
  3. 30kw mm bent in north carolina fighting a 300lb bluefin tuna with greg weaver and kil song owner of blackhole (fightime 2.5hrs) kww shouldve fall off accoding to your reputable rod builder friend. the older i grow, the less buls**** i believe espeecially from reputable rod builders.
  4. no point using 40mm on bh nano. i've built a ton of these rods for use in papua new guinea, madagascar, maldives, panama and all the way to saudi arabia and oman. i never use used a 40mm and some of those rods were built for reels bigger than ur 14k.
  5. talked to David, owner, Seean (northeast rep), Austin (fl rep) and Alvin Souteast Asia distributor. They wanted to gear it towards the the jigging market (giving a hint towards slow pitch). i told them it is the wrong reel for a slow pitch, auto engage is a must just like ocea jigger and saltiga star drag. they said it is also targeted for the california market CASTING irons, no auto engage so the drag doesnt auto engage during the cast. BUT, they are making an auto engage for the slow pitch jigging asian market, 6months out. 300 realistically doesnt put 30# of drag, straight from their mouth, close to 30# but not 30#. 500 is guaranteed at least 30# of drag. was supposed to get a couple for review on our trip but they werent able to get it to us in time. i've played around with it and the gear plate is humungous. marketed as a twin drag star the first in the world.
  6. why would i be? stick to the topic and dont make everything personal. your thinking is wrong. go fish, compare a lighter and heavier acid wrap rod and see why your thinking is wrong.
  7. Kil doesnt carry it. only one store in the US carries it but they dont have msot in stock. I have a bunch of them, i think 20g,30g and 40g. PM me your address and i will send you everything i can find.
  8. only one company for now uses aluminum for slow jigging/jigging and it's not for the surf. only one compay for now also uses resin for jigging, big big jigs but only weights 60-120grams, equivalent weight for the size with lead would a=be around 900-1200grams. you dont need a leaflike jig for shore jigging or jigging from boat on shallow water. google blueblue searides, that's one of the best on microjigging.
  9. it works too on shallow water, since the weight of the jig needed is significantly lighter you are now in the realms of micro jigging. since you're in shallow do 1/4 pitches instead of full pitches and go even slower. tchnical aspect would be to know how much line retrieve you have per crank/picth. example your reel retrieve is 36inches per crank that is 3 feet and youa re at 40ft of water, so per 1/4 crank youa r retrieving 9" of line. know your target fish how far do they go off the bottom and then play the area from the bottom to that water level using 1/4 or 1/8 pitches. funny thing is on the front page of the site where there's 19 pictures of rods/people with fish/ people fightng fish only 1 picture is of a slow pitch rod but i am now a slow pitch rod builder. lol. that tunami slow pitch is a POS, sorry if you bought one. the bitterness of fake slow pitch rod remains after the sweetness of being cheap is forgotten. bimini bay's prostaff came by our booth and asked if he could buy our japanese slow pitch rod because theirs dont act like a slow pitch rod. Then he went back to his booth came back to our booth with 2 models tsunami slow pitch rods, it's still a POS.
  10. guy wanted titanium on it keeping the same length wraps, which is f* up if you ask me but is the trademark of a fisherman rod. $800 factory rod, pays $350 to put titanaium guides. $350 since labor is only to replace guide and sand grips. these pics were taken by client at his house after he received the rods. i didnt take any pics.
  11. my price, $500 for labor only full rebuild. i've done a gazillion of them i can strip a rod in less than an hour including reel seats. i've found a way to cut reel seat so fast and easy without damaging the blank. also epoxy on guides is a breeze. i dont rebuild ordinary rods though, no money there. i have rebuilt yamaga blanks, fisherman, zenaq fokeeto, ripple fisher, blue rose, mcworks, carpenter.
  12. before you price everything out make sure you get a business license lol, so true 1,000,000x !!!
  13. yes, my competitive shooting is IDPA, if you use a 1911 45acp you are CDP and only 1911 45acp is on that class. i have the kimber team match 2, that 1911 took me from novice all the way to expert. probably 15k rounds thru it. i had a pic of it somewhere in the gun porn thread. i had it throated and i never had issues with FTE and FTF after it got throated. got lotsa jams before it got throated. the ghost trigger upgrade can't touch a 1911 trigger. i have the ghost trigger on a glock 22 , the break on a 1911 trigger can't be touched. plenty of options when it comes to 1911. kimber quality went downhill around 2007/08. wilson combat nighthawk customs (they used to offer discount to LEO and Military active and retired) dan wesson ed brown para usa les baer sig springfield smith/wesson these are the better ones, i wont bother mentioning RIA , lol. of the better ones if i were to buy now, i would get a les baer premiere 2, if i am going custom i am getting a caspian arms slide and a wilson combat frame.
  14. very nice.
  15. i need to frame the inside of a metal container so i can put up peg boards. i dont plan to frame the whole container just a 20ft wall for peg boards.
  16. nice a bee thread! i'v had mine for about 3 months. i got them from a local beekeeper. he has probably 10,000 hives. orchards hired him to bring his bees to pollinate. mine just came back from california pollinating the almonds. i bought 1 hive around march. it comes with a queen and about 10,000 workers - his estimate. when i bought the hive it already has uncapped honey in the frames. was instructed to put the second the second 10 frame hive on top of after the 4th week so the bees won't swarm. i have no idea what i am doing. lol luckily he lives nearby and is coming in 2 weeks to help/tutor me.
  17. metal container like those they use in ships. i'm trying to figure out how to attached a 2x4 frame to the walls without drilling thru.
  18. cpalms this guy jealous too.
  19. don't tell them that Bill they are experts, let's just go with denny is jealous............................he looks fugly in a bikini. Local66 shares the same assessment as denny, disdain for the googans and pic **** for freestuff. Local66 has been offered mulitple prostaff opportunities too and guess how many he turned down? he is also jealous like denny, he looks fugly in a bikini too. lmao.
  20. NO, stay in your dark cave. but i will enlighten you on another thing, that if it was you in the situation your reaction is 100% jealousy. you're projecting yourself in denny's shoes, that if it was you, you'd be jealous.
  21. i wonder where you learn fg.
  22. do you know how many companies offered him "prostaff"? do you know how many he turned down? do you know that a particular youtuber with 1,000,000 followers asked denny if he could video him catching/fighting a fish and asked denny to pose for a pic so the person can post it on his site and denny said no? and you would say jealousy?