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  1. join their facebook page, plenty of testimonials there. yes, i have the 10frame mighty mite thermal treatment. been using it for a year. no problem with queen laying, one queen lays on 2 deeps at staggering pace. broodbox 9 frame full of brood, deep super 6 frames of brood. treated 2x this year.
  2. i would encourage you to look at heat thermal treatment for varroa.
  3. that's called LMFAO!
  4. i would use table saw, band saw for me is more like cutting curves.
  5. not ccd if there is no queen left bhind
  6. uncapped you need to make sure it is 19% on the refractometer so it doesnt ferment
  7. mighty mite killer, it is a thermal treatment that keeps the hive temp at 106degrees for 160mins. this temp kills shb and varroa destructor.
  8. thermal treatment for mite control so u can treat even with supers on as u r not using chemicals but heat.
  9. strapped down for hurricane
  10. marked a queen today. no green so pink will do
  11. i would like to make meade one day
  12. made 3 splits today. will do the other 3 next week.
  13. havent done splits due to constant rain. just a regular 50/50 split. i move the box with the queen to a different spot and put a branch infront of the entrance. the queenless box i leave in the same location so the foragers comes back to it and makes it stronger. I wait 24hrs then put a mated queen inside a queen cage with candy. i dont let my bees raise their own queen due to the following: 1. florida has africanized bees, if a virgin queen goes on a mating flight and gets mated with an africanized drone (even a drone with small percentage africanized) the bees will carry the genetics and the hive becomes hot. 2. i dont want to wait 28 days for a queen to lay eggs especially this late in the year, by then half of the bee population in the hive dead/dying and with the bad SHB this year i want a strong hive.
  14. putting another stand, getting ready to do 7-8 splits
  15. did a split last week friday, saw the queen already released yesterday and roaming around. opened up my original colony that i had split 4x last february/march and it's bursting with bees. i have 3 colonies (90% full) on double deep broodboxes i am going to split this coming weekend. making these 3 colonies into 7 single deep colonies and 1 nuc, maybe 2. pic is of todays inspection. first pic is the 2nd frame 10-frame deep super 2nd pic is the same 2nd frame with the first frame below it beside the top cover 3rd pic is the last frame on the 10 frame super.