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  1. $75 for the Lot 7?
  2. Will do, Sheriff. Just as soon as I read about the next hot blitz on Facebook.
  3. How long would you chum before fishing? Did you ever bring ground bunker chum, like they sell for sharks? I might give it a try. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun if it worked.
  4. Why do you think that is? More work than casting and burning a magic swimmer for similar results? Or did it lose its effectiveness over time as bass habits in the Canal changed?
  5. Sounds good
  6. $80 Shipped for the blasts?
  7. I'll take it
  8. Not according to bird law.
  9. This Summer or last Fall?
  10. I don't think there's anything you could throw that a 50-pounder would eat and a 25-pounder wouldn't. In a blitz like the ones this summer, getting through the "smaller" 20- to 30-pound fish to the monsters definitely takes a bit of luck. There were waves of larger fish, and if you were tangled up with a 25 pounder when they moved through, you'd be stuck waiting for the guy up-current of you to land his 45. Slower presentations, keeping right on the bottom, fishing through the slack could weed out a big one, but I tried it all in those blitzes and had nothing over 40 pounds, while I saw magic swimmers and SP Minnows ripped across the surface take substantially larger fish. However, a widely-used tactic that seems to work best at catching extra-large bass in a Canal blitz is to not actually weigh the fish, and then add a few pounds a generous estimate of the weight before telling friends.
  11. Nice! That's a fun size on light gear.
  12. Weakfish are almost as rare as king macks in these parts. Seems like a fine trade-off. How big were the weakfish? Heard of a few kings around yesterday.
  13. I'll take them.
  14. Western Mass Rock or Eastern Mass Rock?