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  1. Bait or artificials? Nice catch regardless
  2. Senkos/ rubber worms are easy to use as well
  3. And I probably managed to find a way to cheat even though I didn't play
  4. Not much man. Did you dominate the fantasy hockey league last season without me?
  5. I think I ate more than Eddy today
  6. Mini made us look bad today The only saving grace was Guest's two micro snook
  7. I can also get 1 or 2 more if needed
  8. You have a ton of options for that price point. It would probably be best to hold the rod in your hand, but the St. Croix Avid 6'8 jerkbait is just about perfect for what you're looking for.A G Loomis GL2 would also fit the bill nicely. With that budget its all about personal preference.
  9. If you can find a 200 sized Shimano Curado D or E you'll be good to go. Easiest reel to learn on. Learned to use a baitcaster on a Shimano Curado D probably 5 years ago and havent looked back. Just start with mono
  10. I'd be interested.
  11. Jungle juice
  12. What's up guest? I'm down to go fishing whenever. Maybe you can show me some of the snook honey holes, since I already struck out during Tarpon season.
  13. I'm interested. Located in the Ft Myers area. It would need to be on my off weekend obviously (I work every other weekend).
  14. Nice job. The water has been nasty the past month or so. Thanks Lake Okeechobee!
  15. If people are dragging 6-8 oz, you can probably get away with a 1.5-2 oz BT with 20 lb braid and 25-30 lb leader. Cast up current and bounce it back to vertical, reel it up once it gets past vertical and recast. When the drift is the other way drop it straight down and let out a little bit of line when you lose contact iwth the bottom. When you have too much scope out, reel it in and redrop. Getting a corner stern or pulpit spot will make it easier. If the boat is railed it might suck.