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  1. Sorry that I may have jumped the gun a bit with the ones posted in the above picture. As noted, not all posted were not ready for sale at this time and certainly not for the price range listed. The herring Conrad was not intended to be sold as I wanted to keep it with slope head Conrad as a companion piece. The larger Conrads are hard to come by but if you are still interested in them, I can offer one that's a little more used as shown in the pictures below. The remaining 3 not including the herring, can be had for $110 shipped. I can take more pictures if you are still interested.
  2. Here are some of my Yozuri swimmers. The upper left are the nib Crystal Minnow floater 130mm. The lower right are used ones. I couldn't tell from your link about the Delta Swords so I've included a photo of the bottom lips of the ones I have for better identification. Also included are some nib Mag Minnows which were mentioned in the link as well. Personally, the mags are my favorite Yozuri swimmers. Let me know if these are what you are looking for.
  3. I have some more but not all are for sale. I don't have time to take closeups right now so let me know you might be interested in and price point. I can put a package for you later if you are still interested. These are probably between 25 to 45 more or less, We can cut a deal once we can narrow down the choices. I also have some Lupo and Gibbs as well.
  4. Not familiar with delta swords. If may help if you can post a picture. I have some crystal minnow but will need to dig them out from the garage.
  5. For what it is worth, these were old stock. I've had them for quite awhile. Just checked their FB page, they have some blurple 1.5 small dannys available. You can look them up on FB under Tattoo's Tackle where they will tell you where to buy them. GL.
  6. I have some Pichneys' of various conditions, Jr. Sr. Conrads and trollers. I need to do some digging if you are interested,
  7. Clean. All good!
  8. I have these small Tattoos. Top is gold, 2nd metallic blue. 3rd pink with white belly and the last is a bluish eel skin. All weight around 1.15 +/- I can take more picts tomorrow if you need them. Let me know.
  9. Looks clean to me. Will check again in day light tomorrow to make sure.
  10. Yes, 7.5 the wood part, a little over 3oz as I recall.
  11. Brand new. Never near water.
  12. Good eyes! It's 7.5" with a slightly scooped lip. Oh well. GLWYS!
  13. Not sure if it captures the fine finish of this lure. I believe it is on his web site for a better picture. $45 shipped.
  14. I have a bunker finish commander. Can post picts tomorrow if you still want it.
  15. I have these jrs if you are interested. Note the bottom yellow one for some reason seems to have a slightly bigger head and slimmer tail end. The light tan is almost yellow with some yellow to white belly. $38 for 1 and $70 for 2 shipped.