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  1. I would think he would be covered under the CG for anything like that. I know there is several free clinics that offer TB, tetnis shots. I just returned from Gulfport, mississippi Wednesday from a week long trip down to help out. The skeeters down there do put ours to shame for sure, but deet works well. Tell him to make sure he has several pairs of gloves, boots, rubber gloves and some sort of mask if he's going into the homes that were flooded. There's a ton of work down there and the people need it and greatly appriciate the help. Good people down there, not one complaint from anyone while I was there. They are just thankful the lord spared them from anything worse. If anyone wants to help, email me and I can get you in touch with a place that needs it. jon@dejazzd.com
  2. Why say anything... offer to take him out to lunch in a very public place, THEN point and laugh outloud...
  3. Sea Jay, that's what I figured. It's just hard to miss emails and such like that with todays use of email for virtually everything. I was just trying to make sure there wasn't a way for it NOT to show up on your account or you be notified thru email of a new listing and such. I guess if they have the password, they could change email address too. Ebay is going downhill because of this crap.
  4. ALWAYS send ANY email you recieve from ebay or paypal to spoof@ebay.com If it is legit, they will let you know. It has nothing to do with haveing an account or not. It's a mass email hoping to get to ebay users. The email I recieve these emails at has never been tied to ebay or paypal. You should NEVER tie your personal bank account to ANYTHING. Always open up a seperate account and transfer funds out as soon as possible. Unfortunatly in this day and age, Everything is vulnerable to fraud. I don't believe what you read Tim. 50%? No way. There are alot of idiots out there, but nowhere near that amount. Of all the transactions I've done thru ebay, I think I've only had 2 non-payers. I'm not sure how somebody could use your account to sell something. Did it show up on your ebay page (my account) as a item you were selling? A little more information would be great. Did you just not use the ebay account for a while and the scum got thru without you seeing it?
  5. If your interested in hunting, that's fantastic. It's theraputic. But if you don't plan on consuming what you kill, do not do it. There is a TON of shooting sports that will get you outdoors with a gun. Even if you choose to hunt, take a year of going to the range and getting the shooting skills needed and most importantly learn to handle a gun SAFELY. Hunting is NO JOKE. You will be fireing something that can travel and kill something up to a mile away. Wether that be a squirel or a kid, so know where you are shooting. I run into people every year that have NO CLUE what they are doing in the field and it's just dangerous. Seasoned hunters make mistakes every day. You can't let your guard down for one second. Take a hunters safety course, it's required anyway. And for now just join a range/club in your area and practice and learn the ropes. I'm sure there will be someone there willing to lend a hand and teach you how to porperly handle a firearm. Another thing I suggest if you plan on hunting is either go with a buddy hunting and dress his kill out or find an animal along the road and dress it out. If you can't do it, forget about it. stick with the range or sporting clays. I still don't condone going hunting if you don't plan on eating what you kill. That's as wrong as it gets in my humble opinion. I Know alot of people who donate game to food banks, but not one of them doesn't eat what they kill. What they donate is extra meat. Don't kill it unless you plan on eating it.
  6. be careful of chaffing....
  7. How can you pick just 5? Hell in a bucket box o' rain sugar magnolia st. steven Uncle johns band just a couple off the top. It could change daily.
  8. my condolenses, I'm so sorry to hear.
  9. I'm replaceing the hook or eye that you hook your winch cable to on the front of the boat. I noticed mine was loose so I went in to tighten it and the piece of wood between the hull and the washer was pretty bad so I took it all out. It was replaced before, previous owner said it shattered on him. the replacement piece doesn't set up against the hull flush and the 2 tabs that stop it from spinning when tight don't have anything to really grab. First question. Would it be OK to drill small indents/holes for those tabs. That way the hook will be flush and not spin? And secondly. What should I be using as backing on the inside of the hull? There was just a piece of wood maybe 6 inches by 4 inches in there that rotted with couple oversized washers ontop of that. I did get a couple 3 x 3 pieces of steel to us as additional backing, but was wondering on what I should be using against the hull. Just the same size piece of 2x4 or should I go with somehting else longer/metal....Help. Also. I'll need some type of sealant for the hook against the hull and on the inside to prevent water penetration. there was a flexiable type on there before, but was wondering if somehting that hardens would be better. What should I use? thanks in advance.. Jon
  10. O' no John, You and I had the same thought and yours just came much quicker. LOL I just can't let a good deal go either. It's definatly yours for the taking. You contribute much more here and have one more youngin' than I.
  11. DULP! He's got more kids anyway. Very VERY generous offer. Thanks for the chance. John, if you get any photos of a crying child in your email soon....... Just kiddin'... .
  12. I'm definatly not a regular poster, but have been here for awhile. If nobody elses kid can use it I will glady take it for my daughter. She loves fishing and only has the barbie rod right now. Her birthday is on the 7th too and I'm sure she would be happy to get a Big Persons (her words) setup. She has hinted before.. I will PM ya with my information. Please pass it on to someone else if they are more deserving obviously.
  13. at the proper angle you could get all three with one shot.
  14. Why don't we just ship over millions of live pigs and stage them EVERYWHERE our troops are, big events, and just randomly around town. Can't be a myarter if you kill a pig, correct?