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  1. caught these near Waysons Corner between 3pm and 530pm today. caught over 30 but kept 25 only to give them away to a needed fisherman.
  2. caught these around waysons corner today between 330pm and 530pm. all caught on minnows. smallest was 10 inches, while the largest was over 14 inches.
  3. am looking to purchase a inshore mod v boat in the near future to fish in the tidal Rivers of the Chesapeake looking at a Mako pro skiff 16 or 17 and a Carolina jvx cc 16 or 17. would like some info or feedback from individuals with experience of these types of boats, or should look at the Parker 1804 cc.
  4. close !!!
  5. Sold to mike123 pending payment
  6. Less than a year
  7. fs shimano btr 6000D in excellent condition with 300yards of 40lb suffix 832 braid for $130 or $115 w/o braid. payal only and free shipping.
  8. Please read the rules stickied at the top of the forum. Thanks.
  9. Raw shrimp with the head on
  10. Went to town creek pier to do some fishing. Wanted to go Thursday, but due to the storms had to go Friday. Arrived at 4pm and had the pier to myself so I setup on the right corner.I had Bws fishbites ,shrimp, and squid. First I used the Fbs and bam I caught 6 croakers using them which I luv cause I didn't want to use my shrimp till night time. When night fell it was all shrimp. Caught over 35+ Croakers while only keeping my limit. All kept were between 10 to 13 inches while also keeping a 13 inch Wp. My observation of the pier is that it's in deep water so all you need is a 9ft rod or less.also pick out high tide to go there so you cast in the shallows .
  11. sold to Ktugboat42 pending payment !!!
  12. bump
  13. FS Penn Squall 15LW w/o bx, used only 1 time, loaded with 300yards of 30lb braid for $80 or Best Offer . free shipping and paypal only.
  14. 50lb braid