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  1. That was the last one. How does my ass taste bitch?
  2. Please send your PP info
  3. I'll take the fixter
  4. I'll take the fixter
  5. Finally something we can agree on!
  6. I am doing everything I can. I have sent payments multiple times. I dont know what an E check is
  7. I have 47k in the account linked to my PP account as I am closing on a house. Didn't I hear SOL was purchased? You guys are too self important for me.Good Luck Tim
  8. Let me know what I owe as I want these plugs. However I will not be shopping here in the future
  9. Tim I'm going to stop buying plugs from this site. Dont need the aggrivation. No one has ever waited 10 days to get paid. EVERY ONE HAS BEEN PAID!
  10. If I have to send payment again I will
  11. Dont know what an E Check is If you were paid that way its PPals doing. I'm getting a little tired of this. I'm constantly accused of not paying yet I pay everyone @
  12. I lost it, send it again
  13. The ones I'm looking for are around 6inches
  14. Send me your PP info and I'll pay right now