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  1. I have learned to never underestimate the stupidity of people.
  2. Yeah, normally they are around in varying degrees of numbers until the end of October so....sometimes into November.
  3. At least their product WORKS.
  4. The tax payer in the USA is charged 2 BILLION DOLLARS to offset the money that Green Energy LOSES ... What sane country does that? Wind and Solar Power are political symbolism, not to mention a nice SCAM to profit off of.
  5. Snowflakes are DEMOCRATS.... try to keep up.
  6. If he was a Republican the Media would have died from having so many orgasms.
  7. The NFL can GFT.
  8. These punks taking a knee and these owners need to be knocked on their asses! ... no better way than to cut off the $$$$$$
  9. 18-1

    F&*K THE PATRIOTS ... and the NFL!!
  10. Thanks for the replies.
  11. Any signs of Albert in the So Co area?
  12. We were out there yesterday. My guess is that you were seeing the huge schools of Dolphin that were out there. They put on quite a show for us.
  13. What do you mean during the week? ... The other team can barely touch the QB on game day! The NFL is becoming totally "chickafied"
  14. You're not supposed to take them from the water or even touch them. Technically he is probably breaking the law. I suppose one could argue that its "kinda" in the water ....