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  1. If you have some time, hop on youtube and Lou Caruso has a great video on how to choose and set up your guides for Concept Guide Layout.
  2. If there are some rod styles that you like, post some pictures so we can get an idea of what you are looking at. Alot of my surf rod handles consist of some mixture of EVA, cork tape, heat shrink, rubber hosel and some epoxy ramps.
  3. Fuji makes a plate seat that you can tape onto your rod. This is good if you like to still remove your reel or use different reels.
  4. I went with the Inno Rod Rack. I fish with my truck almost all year long and there is almost always a rod in it. WIth that said, I also have to carry passengers in the back seat. What I like about the Inno is that its designed to tuck itself a little better in the truck's ceiling which leaves more headroom for the rear passengers. Each of the holders can hold 2-piece rods in one position, unless its one of the bigger surf rods where the butt section and the tip section are so big that they need their own holders. Each rod has its own holder which is great because they don't tangle with eachother. downside is the pice. I paid $240 for it. Its Japanese engineered so while all the components were all very well built, putting it together is like an erector set. Also because of the shape of my truck, the length of the ceiling is shorter so what might fit a two feet down from the ceiling, might not fit 4 inches down from the ceiling. my 9ft+ 1 piece rods don't fit.
  5. I can see why a manufacturer would list both. It is dependent on how you use the rod. With the lure weight rating, you are rating the amount of weight you need to effectively load the rod and cast. Too little weight, the rod might not load enough, too much weight, you can overload the rod and it might not cast properly, or even worse it can break. With sinker ratings, its more for those who just drop a sinker, lets say from a pier or a boat to bottom fish. You don't really cast but that rating is there to show to show how effective a rod is in working whatever you have tied on, such as the vertical movement of a jig.
  6. I have both the Kobalt and the Knipex. I originally bought the Kobalt ones at Lowes and they cut through a bunch of my smaller hooks. On the larger ones, you can see that they started to wear the cutting edge or did not cut through the hook at all. 3 dayts later, I found the Knipex 71 12 200 on Amazon Warehouse for $38 so I decided to get them. They cut the hooks that I couldn't cut before and they felt like they took less effort to cut as well. I mainly looked at them for cutting hooks in emergencies so it sits in the car most of the time but if I were to do it again, I'd just get the knipex.
  7. It doesn't taste like the McRib sandwhich i had back when I was a little child. But then again, there were a ton of things i'd eat back then that I wouldn't catch myself eating now.
  8. i have a pair of the beachwalkers. One has the two large tube setup and then the other has the 5 tube setup and i squeezed in an additional 2 smaller tubes to have 7 tubes in that bag. Look in the commercial BST, Nick will sometimes post some for sale.
  9. which model certate is it? im possibly interested.
  10. I've had my Ebb Point bag for a couple months now and I have nothing bad to say about it. Nick makes a quality bag.
  11. the ones I see around me sell hybrids.
  12. I've bought a couple of 105c reels about 10 years ago. They are a decent reel for its price. Its heavy but its ok for deadsticking. They are all sitting in the garage collecting dust because of the drag knobs. I believe from the pair that I have I've probably gone through about a dozen drag knobs. The knobs itself strips so easily.
  13. I forgot to mention. Please exclude the webbing side loops on this one too. I would like this bad to be like my first one with a different patch. Thanks.
  14. If Rock is going to get one, so shall I. 1. Patch #1 2. White 3. Black Trim