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    im 20 and surfing is my way of life.
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    patent care tech
  1. If that falls though I’d take it at that price
  2. Great reel I finally put a few tuna on mine. Keeper for sure. Feels like a tank
  3. $115 shipped pp
  4. Price dropped to $185
  5. Had these in a box with the rest of the stuff. Never got into it. Don’t know much about them . 15 total … just about all are cortland. One says orvis on it… three aren’t labeled but I’m assuming cortland. The one spool was line I stripped off one reel. I think it’s float line and backing. How’s $215 shipped paypal for all of it
  6. Bump $240 and $145 for the rod !
  7. I’d probably say it’s an older model though as it wasn’t bought in the recent years. I don’t fly fish and have some boat bills so selling the rest of it
  8. I have an Abel TR 2 with box and line for $265 shipped PayPal.. also another orvis power matrix 10 9ft 4 piece #5 rod in excellent shape. I’d like $175 shipped.
  9. Bump price dropped to $625 picked up cash
  10. Interested in any partial trades?
  11. Sold pm coming thank you