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  1. Blank measured out to 10’7 so it was probably cut from the butt I’m guessing it’s like a 2-5 rod
  2. older custom lami ron arra 1322-1 spinning rod its been sitting on the rack, going back and forth between selling this or my 11ft CTS VT 3-6. ill try this first. $170 picked up in brick NJ 08723 ill have pics later.
  3. i think i have one or two left. fishing or collectors ?
  4. sold PM coming
  5. no thanks ill pass for now shipping and fees will be about $20
  6. Flatlander 6 tube in good shape. Has pouch, leader wallet. $275 picked up shipping pp $20. Plugs not included
  7. Brand new in. two available size medium. $90 shipped paypal. Sell for $150 new.
  8. still have this bump $110 firm
  9. i have a bailess thats a spare in great shape little use spooled with 30lb pp. $85 shipped pp
  10. no thanks ill pass. in no rush to sell it
  11. Not sure what it’s rated for but it has a pretty light tip for a glass rod and it’s not super soft. I was a back up rod so it went out for a trip once this season. I used 8oz on it and was still plenty sensitive. I’d use it to drift bait for fluke or heavy deep water fluke.
  12. 7ft bogan fish position conventional rod. Great all round rod for the boat. It was a back up used once togging. Looks almost new. $120 picked up in brick 08723
  13. This thread was from May last year. Nla