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    im 20 and surfing is my way of life.
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    patent care tech
  1. Which model and where were you ?
  2. Just clearing more inventory I have two more 146jrs. One full accuframe with side plates and one red accuframe jr with some new carbontex drags and few other new parts in it. Has different handle on it that needs a knob but I have to original that was on it that comes with it. Both have aluminum spools. Great reels that will last a lifetime. Silver penn with full body -$140 red penn -$100 prices picked up in brick nj 08723 add a couple bucks for shipping
  3. It only made it out once filled with that Daiwa 8 grand (something like that it was the better Daiwa braid 20lb) sweet reel. Kinda wanted to use it for tog jigging and Albies this year.
  4. I’ll get some tonight for ya. I’m about to go into a class for work and have something going on after. Figure like 9pm tonight I’ll be home to post them.
  5. I have a 4K xd twin power spooled with 20lb j8. I used it once have the box and paperwork. Id be interested in the OJ I’m in nj as well
  6. Where are you located? I have a seeker inshore heavy 7’2 has mini rollers on it. Good for heavy jigging.
  7. Sold shot me a pm
  8. 20” , rod is mint
  9. I’ll look shortly. I throw bombers to 2.5 ss poppers it’s a very well rounded rod
  10. Rh custom, painted blue single foot guides Fuji seat and guides. Beautiful build. $325 picked up brick 08723 nj
  11. Dude I don’t check this constantly relax I had stuff to do. I may have clicked it as I worked until 330am last night. Closing this... forget about it. I’ll keep it as this isn’t charity and I’ll pass on selling it to a guy loosing it over not knowing the ratings of a rod.
  12. I still have it
  13. It can stay on my rack collecting dust for 50