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    im 20 and surfing is my way of life.
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    patent care tech
  1. dive belt is great buy it used. The nylon ones are good 2'' solid. I just don't bother using mine when freediving, rubbers better in that case
  2. Sorry for the lag. How’s $37 shipped paypal or $30 picked up brick nj
  3. i have one. ill get a pic tomorrow for you
  4. Any info on the blank I can’t seem to find anything online
  5. Ttt $245 picked up $260 shipped pp firm
  6. I have both and they are one of my favorite blanks. i have the 843/844. 4-8 oz id use the 844, and its plenty sensitive for lighter stuff. Ton of back bone also
  7. ill take the flatlander belt
  8. I have two I’d consider selling one . Don’t have an extra spool though
  9. fair enough... i will not do it next time. Im not one thats going to send you a message for every little petty thing. Just saying people list crap on here A LOT on Facebook mostly while listing it on here. I just so happen to throw it on **** and here. Ive had a few bad meets on there also.
  10. I did because I have had people on here flake plenty of times, on other sites also. Ive been beat on here on some gear recently also. Ive sold a bunch of gear thoughout the years. I find it funny though the people who probably send the messages to you complaining. They have plugs reels rods listed on here, on Facebook and on other sites. These are people that have been on here for a long time also. I did not think at all id have the interest on here that fast. I gave it to the people on this site, who seems straight forward and won't be an issue to deal with.
  11. offshore one to clarify
  12. ill take the zee baas knob. will it fit a 22?
  13. I’ll get some pics Sunday I’m on my way up to Boston. Rod is in excellent shape I still have the tags
  14. YEs but not black blank this is like a green teal looking color