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  1. the 2016 Certate had magseal bearing in the roller, so why change in LT.. but we do not have schematic for the LT yet.
  2. When you send the reel to VS , if they replace the pinion oil seal, then this would cause the reel stiff to crank. This is normal with a new pinion oil seal, as the seal is tight. one way that you can try is to take off the rotor/flyer drop some oil down the seal and crank so loose and smooth . another stiff could be the grease that VS use, that is very stiff, you can fill it with Gear Oil in the body to loose up the grease.
  3. pretty,, GLWS
  4. I got two exist lt 4k. Love them. Ultra lite. Strong . No issue with big jack or cuda - the Exist LT rotor flex less then then the VR50 . - from what i have owned and play with. the twinspin SR-6 rotor have almost zero flex, then the Exist LT, most flex would be the VR50 . this is just comparing what are light and small reel.
  5. If vs 150 fix ,, i will take them
  6. 50 shipped for both. Pending on size?
  7. What is the size?
  8. nice ,, GLWS
  9. What size is the pinion bearing on a VS 150?



  10. Keith see link less then 5 min to make.
  11. just remove the bail trip
  12. $40 shipped ? to Florida 33436 ?
  13. 1. is this made in japan or thailand? 2. was the AR ever work , missing some parts ?
  14. Keith send you via PM.