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  1. i have seen this before, but what it is ?
  2. this is a Stella SW 2006 model, call Shimano USA in California they should still have part.
  3. never had to take that apart, best to call VS ,
  4. Sorry JK, i reply to your PM ,, have to pass on this amazing deal ,, thanks ,,
  5. I will take for 300 shipped, sorry honey do list the whole day.
  6. Since i have the exist lt 4000. I offer $300 on the certate.
  7. Daiwa LT is the best, love the feather light.
  8. Call customer service they can point location for service
  9. Do you have a pair of seals for the VS100 Spool?





    1. avet4life


      Keith you can text me directly too 561 318 1441,,, vs 100 spool drag seal . Yes

  10. if reel was locked, hope you use the thread here to unlock,, if the pinion or gear get damage, always replace both as Keith advise.
  11. NP ,, good luck finding one.
  12. Vsb100 gold USA,, $600 shipped to your door,, paypal Or $575 shipped to your door MO.
  13. Offer $80 shipped,, if so send paypal info.
  14. Close listing elsewhere for now