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  1. Still look...
  2. from another post, the bailed x2 have no line touch issue. and yes i agree the x2 bailed is about 1oz lighter then vsbx150.
  3. Offer $500 shipped to fl 33463
  4. 1.you can try to find a different handle hub to correct spool up and handle down. 2. you can shave off the gear 3. you can drill the current hub in a little
  5. sold to @Brooklyn23
  6. pm coming your way @Brooklyn23
  7. I got this watch on SOL Many many many moon ago Battery ran out I do not think I wear this watch The band is old from store As is no return $30 shipped to your door
  8. offer $600
  9. i think you can only have three bump.
  10. use red, blue will not hold,
  11. screw is loose, open , clean well, clean well, then loctite (use red)
  12. close . list elsewhere