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  1. nice deal.
  2. the FJ , bearing can be replace, we are talking about the FK.
  3. contact quantum to get new AR.
  4. WTS Van Staal VS100 Black Low Serial number, circle side plate - Fully Service by me (** Yes i can service circle side plate, without any issue**) - internal counter weigh - all original - even the drag is original Taflon , very smooth. - this is one of my collection reel, so bought use, service myself , and sat on my desk. - reel is very smooth for VS. - some very small scratches that i took pictures, ask me for any more angle pictures if needed. $550PP shipped NO TRADES
  5. Got. It Sold to baba. Thanks group.
  6. just PM you.
  7. how about we meet 1/2 way,, $585 shipped to your door, pm me if ok. @Baba Yaga
  8. Never registered.
  9. BNIB Daiwa Exist LT GLT4000D-C - $600 shipped to your door - i rush to open the box. - never use, sat on desk - some how got super super micro scratches on the bottom. So lower price Ask any question
  10. notes that the FK , the bearing are not replaceable .
  11. sorry, too far for me, hope someone closer get this great deal. look like ibe333333 or ThrowinPlugs
  12. Great price , i will take all for asking not sure where location.