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  1. not in market for rod, but if $300 shipped , i take it.
  2. great deal on the rod, too bad i am in florida 33436.
  3. VSX drag stack are correct, however, the stack are using thinner carbon drag,so it does not fully get compress lock down.. so when fully drag lock down, the spool still could be turn.. 1. send it back to vs to correct the issue. 2. add one more octagon metal disc.
  4. @Matt Szwagulinski did not update the group, only one reel selling here others are pending only one reel selling here only one reel left.
  5. $670$ bump. Brand new reel. Get it before Thanksgiving
  6. @MikedNJ i see that you have over for $200 for you slammer + $400 cash,,, you are not far off.. LOL
  7. going to help HUY out,, this is a vs150, so it is a seal drag, with the serial number 12xxx it is going to be carbon drag.
  8. no need more reel, thanks for looking.
  9. Brand new, only out for pic. Vs200x black $675 shipped to your door. Notes i have two reel, so you may see it list elsewhere. But if looking to buy both reel i can discount.
  10. not much difference, drag knob clicker , some vsx line lay are not improve, so not a big deal.
  11. no vsx150 , but do have brand new vsx200 black.
  12. 1. most likely the bearing and the AR is rusted. 2. VS put some lotice stuff, so it is super super hard to open. 3. if you do open it, you would need new bearing, AR, AR sleeve, there maybe more, just do not remember them all I can service the VR, but just hate servicing them, so many parts and orings