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  1. I have compiled list here of 12 school scandal chicks... each has made at least one student smile. Who's #1? Each choice is pictured in order below.
  2. I have both. Boy and a girl. And i cam only hope my son has the opportunity to be violated in this way. Now, my daughter... I'd kill the guy.
  3. Ummm little, how are you going to post that without a name for us to google?
  4. I'm with Dinghy on this
  5. Bringing this back for you guys. This website compiled a list of 50 to be voted on. *
  6. I haven't been around on here much, but I'll be down again this year. I'll have a couple of my plugs to donate.
  7. Oh I've done way better. I'll see if I can find the pics. But a forstner bit to my finger.
  8. Weather Guard Box, excellent condition. Have mounting hardware and key. Retails around 600 new. 300 local pickup only.
  9. Seconds if it falls through.
  10. Jaget needle, iradecent green over white, new. 45 local, add 5 if shipped.
  11. The metal lip passed it's swim test yesterday, and the pencil should be good to go by the morning
  12. Last minute, but I'm in. I'll have a pair of plugs it made for the auctions too.
  13. What do you have available still?
  14. Anyone have a contact number for Cape Cod Tackle? I put a component order in on Saturday I need to modify and got no response to my email. I know that wasn't very long ago, I just want to try to get ahead of it before it ships. Thanks
  15. Thank you
  16. I can meet any time today or this evening... Obviously some day light would be better. I'll pm my number
  17. Still available? And just to be clear, this will work without existing side rails? If so I would really like to meet up.
  18. Here's how the one I posted finished up
  19. Kind of a parrot. Done with rattle cans. Still needs epoxy. So I made this little Danny. All was going well until I totally jacked up the paint. Fell into sawdust while wet, the finger marks from grabbing it out, and wasn't sanding back out well. So I'm like I can totally strip it and start fresh, or I can have some fun with this. So here's my first semi-unintentional foil job.
  20. Let me know when is good for you
  21. Are they locking? And do you think they'd work as is on a Ram 1500? I'm interested
  22. Dave what are you looking for it? I'm interested