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  1. All the best in your search. They're out there. Be patient
  2. I paid full price for this rod when I bought. I didn't get at close out price when they went out of business. A lot of guys bought these rods as impulse buys. If you shop around you will find it cheaper. I'm firm on the price.
  3. Very nice. That's something I hope I get a chance to do one day.
  4. I would need to get $200. Shipping will be about to $25.
  5. Hard case has some dust from sitting. I'll try to clean it the best I can. Rod is new. Never fished. Mounted an abu 6500 on it and it balanced well. An abu 5500 would do well also. Don't know what reel you would use but the rod is really light. Very nice rod but I have too many rods in this range. Let me know if you're interested. I didn't want to continue in the other thread it was a hijack. The OP was looking for spinning otherwise I would of offered to him first. Unfortunately I have too many 10', 11',11.5' and 12' rods otherwise I might be interested in a trade.
  6. Would you be interested in buying an Albright travel rod? If so, I can get pics.
  7. Spinning or conventional? I have a brand new conventional 8½' Albright in a hard case. Only mounted a reel to see how it balanced.
  8. Fished J-bay for 2½ hours yesterday. 14 fluke between 8" and 17" not one keeper. They're out there, you just have to find them. I've been getting keepers and some decent ones too.
  9. You can give these a shot. Not sure if you can find them in stainless.
  10. Thank you.
  11. I actually googled this a few years back. And a company by the name of S A came up and I bought a few shirts from them. Fit great and very comfortable, except for swimming ( I don't think any long sleeve shirt would be) and very durable. Look for sales.
  12. Thank you. Did a quick search for Wave inn. Spain?
  13. Yes. Conventional rod. Using Conventional reels such as 525 mag or abu mag elite. I'm getting up there in age although I do exercise and consider my self to be in good shape. I do over do it sometimes when hitting a heavy bag and other workout routines and find myself in more pain than I want to be in. As Beach Bob mentioned, this ship might have sailed. If not, the engines are running.
  14. How do you think property taxes will affect the new home prices. I'm sure towns, states, cities everywhere will do a re-evaluation of a homes appraisal right as things start to level off. Therefore increasing taxes to a percentage that the home "value" was increased to. I think this will leave people with an unexpected financial burden. As far as cash deals goes, there are people who have a home equity loan on their primary residence and looking for a summer home. They tell the real estate agents they are cash buyers. Technically they are buying with cash, but it is borrowed cash. And yes there are people who can just right the check out of their personal account. Also if look at areas that have been built up in the last 12-15 years with new construction, they all have tax abatements that will expire shortly. It will be interesting to say the least.
  15. Pics are good for me. That is the sweetest reel I've ever seen.