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  1. The answer is no, not yet.
  2. This used to happen to me quite a bit. I would make a few casts flawlessly and then I would begin to lose focus. Next few casts, a little harder. More distance. Push harder, boom. Next thing you know you're picking out a birds nest. Happened so many times I could probably pick that out for you blindfolded.
  3. Payment sent. Thank you. Thanks SOL.
  4. If you take PP, I'll take this.
  5. God bless your boy (man) for stepping up and doing what is right. Too many people stand by and watch. I wonder how many people had their phones out with the camera on?
  6. This is what I use for distance. 10.5 ft MOJO rated 2-6 abu 6500 mag elite 40lb. PP. 4oz. crippled herring (actual weight is 3.5 oz.) I'm not saying I get 300 or 200 yards but it gets it out there quite well without much effort. For me the crippled herring is the metal that casts the furthest. A naked ( no tube) diamond jig works well also.
  7. Have tried a TA clip for the belly hook in place of the split ring?
  8. Check this out. Very informative.
  9. I like a crippled herring and Charlie Graves. Never leave home without a Hopkins, it's so easy to bounce across the top of the water.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I heard that it was taking on water it didn't say how. Crazy things happen. Glad they were prepared. And yes, a big thumbs up to the Fish Bone Crew.
  11. Anyone else see this? Have anymore details. Glad they are all safe.
  12. Would you do $120 picked up? Only want one. Too many reels as it is. Just curious about this reel.
  13. If I'm spending time with my wife, I'm not getting distracted. If someone was in danger, by all means I would help. Other than that ill just enjoy my time with my wife. Plenty of times when I was fishing i gave whatever pointers I could to those that needed it.
  14. I use conventional reels for all the fishing I do. I don't fish bait too much anymore but always used conventional reels. I use mostly abu 6500 reels for plugging and tins. I do it because its what I enjoy. A 10.5 ft St Croix mojo with an abu mag elite 40 # PP and a 4 oz. crippled herring. It's a good time. I have lighter rods that I cast as light as ¾ oz. I get more than enough distance with. I have tried spinners i just don't have fun. I have 2 new 706Z reels (old stock) that are great. Just don't like it.