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  1. Not sayin he is but then again I'm not judging him till I know him.
  2. How can ya tell from a picture he's a fisherman or not. From the looks of the fish in his hand he's not so bad. Maybe he put inmore hours than any two of us combined?
  3. Probably a good first step on streets like that would be to stop hanging out waiting for a blitz to come by and if you need to check the area obey the signs on the street and proceed to the beach don't hang out on the street and lastly don't litter. These might be considered good first steps. Just a thought. I know if I lived over there I'd be pissed at all the *******s hanging out in front of my house it's one thing to park there (obeying signs) to fish but hanging out is for the parking lot at 7-Eleven get a life fish or move on.
  4. And if ya don't believe him go to a cage and hit a few balls with an Exogrid and tell me the ball doesn't fly off the bat a heck of alot faster than with a wood bat. I wish they were around when I played.
  5. what a jerk.
  6. I have an 11' Ugly stick spinning that I've thrown 10oz with. I think it say it's rated to 12 oz or so although I would look conventional much better choices and not hard to learn.
  7. I thought about it being bunker cept the clams kept disappearing and I don't think they would have knocked the clams off the hook.
  8. Saturday night RB 12-3 landed 2 ,one was nice plump 30" not to bad for the first keeper of the year. Shouldn't have been using circle hooks way to many very light hits. Had one rod, held it most of the time after missing 2 different hits and stolen clams within the first 10 minutes there even with the rod in hand they were difficult to hook with the circles sz 8/0. Guess I should have had either smaller hooks or not the night for circles. Guy next to me with 4 spiked rods missed so many hit I couldn't believe it his rods were going down one after another yet he almost never picked one up he just kept replacing the clams ever 20 min or so . Guess he wasn't fishin just feedin.
  9. I've been lookin for one of these cept I heard they're not made in America.
  10. About 90% of the time I fish clams, which isn't much.
  11. I have the barrecrafter ski rackt now for aout 7 years and it's been good to me. I never leave the rod in there for very long usually just to the beach and back once in a while to a store and back but that about it. I'm more worried about one getting one chipped in transit than getting them stolen while I'm driving. I think leaving them in "all the time " is just asking for trouble.
  12. Welcome
  13. That's why they are trying to make those one size fits most elastic band hats so popular. They look like a sized hat yet expand as your head grows. I see even the hat companies are helping the owners hide the users. It's all a conspiracy Bush must be behind this somehow didn't he own part of the Rangers?
  14. Nothing wrong with bigger plumbing.
  15. This whole steriod things gettin a little old. Who really gives a crap about what these guys have done we'll never know who did or who didn't except for the lucky few that get outted. For the amount of money these guys get the owners should require them to be on something.