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  1. I explored a few spots along the shorelines east of Rocky Point. Maybe 4-5 hours of total fishing. I didn’t get to fish as much as I wanted. The days before were cold but I did still see some life. Using soft plastics, I had one snook and a few hits. There is so much to fish for down there, I want to spend a few weeks
  2. I hear Cypress Park has a bacteria warning for swimmers? What’s that all about? I thought red tide was a summer thing or this something different?
  3. Yes, not so much Rocky Point but south of the causeway between Rocky Point and the grand Hyatt there seems to be a good looking area (Google Earth) and I am told the area has a hard bottom for wading. there seems to be a kayak rental place just north of Cypress Park?
  4. This has been helpful and I’m focusing in on the areas around cypress swamp and rocky point.
  5. Cypress Point is top on my list. I don’t do much Florida/Gulf Coast fishing but the area looks like what I am comfortable with - flats and cuts with some structure I can either toss paddle tails or DOA shrimp around or maybe get some shrimp if I feel like it.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I think I am going to try some wade fishing on the eastern shore of old Tampa Bay where I identified some public access and my research says the flats are hard bottom. There is also a kayak rental place right near there, so may try that too.
  7. I am just in town for a few days and would like to stay on the Tampa side to maximize fishing time
  8. I intend to use spinning gear with artificials mostly, maybe buy shrimp or cut bait if getting some is convenient. I prefer to be on the active side, casting or sight fishing, not so much soaking bait on the bottom
  9. Not looking for any spot burns but I’ll be in Tampa next month and will have time to fish. I’ve identified a few spots online to wade or fish from the shore and am looking for any tips. I am also considering a kayak rental but am not sure how much a kayak is needed. I’m not picky on species, whatever is swimming in the shallows.
  10. Oh, I know all about the wind. I’ve been down several times over the last 25 years and have fished in some high winds. I have fished on my own and with a guide but I’ve only caught bonefish and permit with a guide. Just sharks and cudas on my own, fun but not bonefish or permit.
  11. I figure I would post this here too because I rarely look at any other forums but Massachusetts and I respect the collective wisdom here. Anyone been down to the middle Keys in Florida flats fishing recently? Can you recommend a guide?
  12. I'm heading to Marathon in March. This is not my first trip and I know guides are booked months, years, in advance. So far, everyone I have contacted is booked for the week I'll be there. Any recommendations are welcome!
  13. Can anyone recommend someone who can replace cushions on a 21 foot 1986 Mako? I am hoping to find someone who can take the cushions off the boat, re-upholstery them, and bring them back. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks Maine Guide. I found his website and sent him over an email.
  15. Hi All, I have an almost 30 year old boat and the cushions are in bad shape. I doubt I could even get off the shelf cushions, even if I wanted to. I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone who would come down to the marina (Boston), take a look, and make/install the cushions. Thanks Scott