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  1. So frustrating.
  2. Anyone try to reset a password on Mass OLE’s website? It gives me a temp password and then asks for the current password but the temp password they say is incorrect? Any ideas?
  3. I’ve had a few encounters, mild to what some have experienced. I always just suggest they call the police and tell them it is crime to obstruct someone lawfully fishing. The cops have never showed up but I have the relevant section of Mass General Laws bookmarked on my phone just in case: Section 5C: Obstruction or interference with lawful taking of fish or wildlife; remedies Section 5C. No person shall obstruct, interfere with or otherwise prevent the lawful taking of fish or wildlife by another at the locale where such activity is taking place. It shall be a violation of this section for a person to intentionally (1) drive or disturb wildlife or fish for the purpose of interrupting a lawful taking; (2) block, follow, impede or otherwise harass another who is engaged in the lawful taking of fish or wildlife; (3) use natural or artificial visual, aural, olfactory or physical stimulus to effect wildlife in order to hinder or prevent such taking; (4) erect barriers with the intent to deny ingress or egress to areas where the lawful taking of wildlife may occur; (5) interject himself into the line of fire; (6) effect the condition or placement of personal or public property intended for use in the taking of wildlife; or (7) enter or remain upon public lands, or upon private lands without the permission of the owner or his agent, with intent to violate this section. The superior court shall have jurisdiction to issue an injunction to enjoin any such conduct or conspiracy in violation of the provisions of this section. A person who sustains damage as a result of any act which is in violation of this section may bring a civil action for punitive damages. Environmental protection officers and other law enforcement officers with arrest powers shall be authorized to enforce the provisions of this section. This section shall not apply to the owners of the lands or waters or tenants or other persons acting under the authority of such owners of the lands or waters.
  4. I’ve tried for sea bass in Boston Harbor once or twice every year for the past five or six years but no luck and today, in late October, I get one over a mud bottom. I don’t seem to have any luck but, to be fair, after an hour of nothing, I usually turn my attention back to striped bass.
  5. Is this a sea bass? Caught in 50’ in Boston Harbor under mackerel.
  6. Good question, I’ve given it a few half hearted tries in Boston the last decade with no luck. I usually get distracted by other species (bass blitzes) but would be interested in hearing responses. I keep hearing the tog population in Boston is too small to target effectively but I have a sense there enough to make it interesting if one had the time to learn.
  7. Never tried myself but I see people targeting them from the piers/harbor walk in Boston around the time of year they are catching squid at night. They are using a small piece of cut bait before it gets dark and sometimes they have a dozen or more in a bucket but most/all are less than six inches. Seems like staying out of snags is part of the challenge. (hopefully, not a spot burn. The harbor walk is miles long.).
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. What is “WW”?
  9. I am looking for a youth (6’) kayak. Like a bike, I expect kids to grow out of this fast. So, was hoping to find a used one. Anyone in New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island) looking to sell?
  10. Got this photo from someone claiming small schoolies were pushing them up on the rocks in a Boston area estuary. Any IDs? Any ideas for “matching the hatch”
  11. Looks like we might have succeeded in getting our deposit back, I’m not counting my chickens yet but they said they would refund the deposit after I tweeted to them publicly asking why they were being so restrictive with someone who has been a customer since the 90s. They asked to take the tweet to direct messaging and then called several hours later to say they would refund the deposit. on a side note, offering to rebook before the end of the year leaves maybe a two month window outside of hurricane season, not to mention the sweltering heat of summer. Let’s say this coronavirus thing is over on May 1, that leaves one month before hurricane season, which ends in November(?), leaving another month before the end of the year. I know...hurricane season is not a big deal to most but when you sink a bunch of money and planning into something , arriving right before or after a hurricane goes through is not a vacation.
  12. I am struggling with a well known resort in the mid Keys. They are not being very accommodating. I’ve been there several times and I am surprised at how unwilling they are to help. I don’t want to name them here. Unfortunately, they already have our money so I am not sure what to do next. They offered to rebook before the end of the year but we cannot travel by then, besides coronavirus won’t be over till hurricane season is here and going during hurricane season is not in the cards. as you move down the corporate food chain, from Disney and Hilton to single operator resorts, to mom and pop rentals, I feel their pain but one would hope reasonable minds prevail in the end.
  13. We just cancelled our trip. Been looking forward to this for months but couldn’t see it being a good decision. Disney closing sealed it for us, a profit driven place like Disney closing scared us. I’m afraid we could get down there and everything would be closed.
  14. Doesn’t seem like this is ending anytime soon
  15. I am reading that it is best to wait to rebook anything to the last minute because the airlines are getting more generous every day. It is really hard to know what to do. Should you still even fly domestically now?