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  1. That was my first time there…great PEC sandwich. Legit.
  2. Joined the masses at 2 OC beaches with SJsurf and his 7-yr old son this AM from 7:30-10. Same as others reported, lots of feet on the sand and boats running around in circles. Didn’t see any bent rods on the sand or on the boats. Was amazed at the amount of water covered by the lone kayaker off the beach with the boat armada. Impressive. Talked to a few others who were also skunked, except for the breakfast sammiches at NY Water Bagels. I may stay local the next few weekends looking for the rat schoolies on the ultralight.
  3. Pretty much the exact same report as Sam3631. Skunksville. Wonder if we were chatting on the sand…do you have a gold VS150?
  4. Glad that you and Shane finally had a banner day!! Great pics.
  5. Either way….lucky to be able to fish with Shane on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning!
  6. I never have. I also thought about it for a bass bugging rod, but didn't like the feel. I'm sure it would work, buy it was a bit too much rod for me....very beefy. I've mostly used the SPG601 and SPG720. I've done 1 build on the SPG780 and it was pretty good as a 6/7wt.
  7. I’ve used Forecast SPG fiberglass spinning blanks to make short 6’ 4-6 wts. Really fun for panfish, bass, and small brushy trout streams. Here’s my latest which is 6’3” 1 piece.
  8. I’m taking my 4wt or 6wt out tomorrow morning out back looking for shad. They’re a blast to catch and I look forward to targeting them this time each year.
  9. Super stoked that Shane loves the UL setup! I told you guys that it would be great for perch in your lagoon….but dayum…that’s a total slob!! Awesome job, Shane!
  10. Have I been snookered?!
  11. I’ve used 3 different Shimano Sedonas in the backbays and out front for 3 years now. 4,000, 2,500, and 1,000 size all just get a rinsing and drop of oil on the spindle after every outing. Good as new and can’t beat them for $70. This reel is based on the Nasci with less ball bearings and not sealed. If you want to spend $109, Daiwa BG would be my choice all day every day!
  12. Just watched today. Really enjoyed the movie. I miss trout fishing and streams; Catskills area is definitely on the bucket list.
  13. Definitely the path less taken, but very effective and, more importantly, fun!
  14. I usually look for slow moving water with hard structure nearby. Boat docks, rockpiles, and marinas with decent depth should hold fish. Soft structure as well, where the water level drops off a few feet. Think like a fish. Light jigs or single hook and split shot w/ small squid strips or spearing. Cast “upstream” and let your bait drift near the bottom with your retrieve just fast enough to keep you in touch with the bait or jig. I fly fish as well and try to bring that mentality of matching the hatch or focusing on a presentation that appears “lifelike”. I take the same approach when fishing the surf. Just look at MC55s success fishing the bugs with little to no weight and “drifting” his baits. Presentation is key! PS. Just wanted to add that I’ve had zero luck finding fish or bugs out front this year. But, in years passed, if I find the bugs, taking a similar approach drifting them in the trough and lip usually yields a few fish. That’s why I’ve been focusing on a few back bay spots. I’d rather downsize my tackle and have a few tugs from panfish sized fish, then continue with the countless skunks I’ve had out front. Similar reasoning for why I fly fish for bluegills and crappie in the sweetwater. Rather catch a bunch of fish with the occasional bonus bass in the mix.
  15. Fished a river out back in NOCO from 6:45 - 9:00 this morning. Water was clean with tons of bait around and an occasional snapper pod coming through. Got skunked with 3” and 4” Gulp so I went to the car and came back armed with a 5’6” ultralight, 6lb braid, 10lb leader, and 1/16 oz jigs. Caught about 2 dozen sea bass to about 10” and 4 Fluke with the biggest at 13”. Super fun on the light setup.