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  1. If fishing a pier with bait which most people do in my area going for the staple fish striped bass, bluefish,weakfish,Fluke,bi catch sea robins, skates, stingrays, cownose rays, sand sharks and dogfish oh and the once in a blue moon cobia lol there is absolutely no reason needed to be using a vanstaal. In different areas across the country going for other species of fish lets say like a tarpon maybe it can be justified .The only real reason to be using it for b8 and w8 is to have a discussion starter about the reel like we are having now or its just to say hey look at my nice vanstaal. 200$ or less and you can have a nice live liner reel that will 110% do the job the other 500 plus dollars could be spent on the way over priced bait and the way over priced tackle like lead weights at 50 to 75 plus cents and ounce.
  2. Bump open to offers want to sell
  3. It's so everyone can get a participation trophy
  4. Bump Nice reel here guys
  5. Nice reel But i'm looking for silver.Thanks for the offer
  6. As title states Nib Shimano Tld 2 Speed 50 Lrsa. Asking 380 shipped accepting PayPal or cash pick up near freeport li. Thanks for looking
  7. Gotta be one out there
  8. What ya guys got?
  9. Btw they are only 6.99 seems pretty cheap to me.I heard Vs is comming out with one and it's going to cost $350 thank God that's false funny thing is people would still buy it lol
  10. Plano Have two been using for a very long time never leak can put multiple colors no problem worth the money 100 % Gulp zip locks leak and gulp bulk plastic container leak no rubber seal they are meant to leak so you buy more just like there product over the years has gotten softer and Less durable again so you have to buy more.
  11. 1 1 1/2 and 2 oz pink rubber
  12. Ok fine i'll spell it out. They "A Salt Bombers" aren't the same as any other plastic plug but they are very similar to the smaller versions and other versions of bombers which is I thought the plastic plug you were talking about. Meaning If a smaller loaded bomber has this amount of bbs or shot in them or has this amount of liquid in them and successfully work one would think a larger version would take more and then successfully work.Even if they have separate chambers inside of them I'm sure someone has successfully loaded one. Might just be that much harder to do so.