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  1. I have one Avet Sx Lh silver with braided line.What were you looking to spend ?
  2. I’m in
  3. Yes the holes are same size to fit on reel was wondering if I'd be able to add something to the furthest hole to counter balance.Been using the handles mentioned for years and they are great but wanted to see if there was a way to make this accurate handle work but needs counter balance weight.
  4. I have an accurate power handle for a penn squidder it doesn't have a counter balance was wondering if any company sells a counter balance I could attach to the handle? The handle has 3 holes in it to attach to the reel would want to add the the weight to the furthest hole from knob? Did some searchin came up empty. Anybody know of such a thing or something id be able to use ? Thanks
  5. What length rod and lure rating is your rod ?
  7. What's the length and rating on your rod?
  8. Starsnstripes, Stickin with $65 figured $50 for reel and $15 covers shipping and pp fees if there are even any .That was my max # I had in my head when putting offer.If there was line 70 all day.Thanks let me know
  9. Reel is still available Nightmovesoo wasn't a man of his word and disappeared since day of sale.
  10. Thanks Stickin with $65 let me know if you change your mind.glws
  11. Respectfully offer 65 shipped paypal
  12. Guys we all know how smart everybody is and how you like to show us that you think that you are .We all know this information has been out there for many years on different outlets.Lets try and concentrate on that not you you you.This was the newest one and it put pollution, over fishing, murder of mammals for no reason and slavery into one show.Who knows if all the #s and stats are 100% correct. We all know there is a very serious problem and anybody who says it isn't probably is working in the industry and profiting from it. All I know is that in my area ss li I've seen a drastic change. Fish that were in abundance are no longer. Example the yellow eyed devil's. At one time to many they were a nusance fish when going for other species. Now harder to come by . Some now even hold them up as trophy fish not realizing that not long ago a 36 inch blue was run of the mill. Blowfish in my area were gone for a very long time the second they started showing up maybe 5 to 7 years ago first thing people do is takem all. Im no saint and I'm sure y'all aren't either I have done questionable things fishing in years past but at this point I do my best to do what I can as a rec fisherman not to destroy .
  13. April first is winter flounder season everybody psyched to get out there and catch some ? Oh wait there's like none to legally to catch.Just one tiny for instance.
  14. Sold pending payment
  15. Cant be sure if the #s are accurate but the footage of what goes on with the whales and the dolphins and the sharks and tunas ect looked pretty real and also the amount of pollution is crazy.Think they were saying 49% of the plastic pollution in the oceans is from fishing nets ect discarded or lost from the boats.If that # alone is correct that seems pretty mind blowing. As stated by someone else these things alot of people are somewhat aware of but this doc connected the pollution plus the raping of the the oceans into a nice little package oh don't want to forget about the slavery mentioned in thailand with the shrimp industry there. Again not sure what is 100# truthful and not truthful anymore plus common sense these days seems to be going out the window .People now trying to convince you that 2+2 =5 when it so doesn't.