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  1. Good thing you supported your local bait and tackle shop
  2. Call Dec Call Dec Oh wait pointless effort they almost never show and have a laundry list of excuses why they cant.
  3. As title says does anybody have any Mustad 9510xxxdt 8/0 hooks collecting dust they would like to sell shipping to11520 ? Thanks
  4. Gotcha misread let me rephrase so when you educate both thumbs on a non level wind reel like the squidder than you can cast like a champ with any non levelwind reel and line lay with your thumb like a champ on any non levelwind reel win win
  5. Once you educate your thumb you will be able to cast with most other reels like a champ
  6. Yes thats why I tried long leader but then get less distance on cast.Fail still happened .The long shock leader sounds interesting though just a little concerned with the Alberto knot or other braid to mono knots going though the guides. Casting from surf and piers. Worth giving it a shot though Thanks
  7. Was gonna post about this but came across this post.Ive had the same problem over the years and the mysterious break offs can happen when bunker swim through and get caught on the line but I have the break off problem most of the time when spiny dogfish are around.Ive tried a line leader 60lb mono 3 to 4 foot long same issue always get cut above the terminal tackle using 50 braid and don't get break offs like this with say stripers so it's not the guides.Any thoughts on how to deal with this when spiny dogfish are around.Or is it just take an L and lose tackle when they are around?
  8. If you fish night and call say after 11 pm 95% of the time nobody will come. At least in my area.
  9. Im confused I wanted to buy the book and was letting you know it should be posted in the bst forum aren't I first dibs afteryou pst it there??? I didn't see that you posted it till now 19 hours after you posted with no heads up pm.Its up to the seller on who he sells to so lets see how ya go about this.
  10. I'm interested think you need to put in bst forum before I can buy let me know
  11. Thanks foe the info can you send a pic of the cover not sure which book you are talking about.
  12. Can anyone recommend one of Bob Popovics salt water fly tying books . Thanks
  13. Where's all the white perch pictures?
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