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  1. It is very strange Not saying the bluefish are non existent lol saying numbers have been way down at least in my area. and to be able to say that is strange with the amount of them that used to be around.Keep hearing stories of processing boats off the east coast past the 3 mile mark have been slurping them up and processing them on the boat then going back to the country .Has anybody else heard these stories are they just fish stories are are they truthful?
  2. Bluefish when they were around in thick years ago people saw them as a nuisance fish when going for the prized trophy sized striped bass a "pickier fish" so even if you caught a 15 lber people poo pooed it like ah anybody can catchem even though large bluefish fight like hell and have teeth to chop your line or lure. Now there's less and less of them and since people aren't really catching many trophy sized stripers from the shore just schoolies Blues are all the rage now. Was pretty funny to see people trying to post the first bluefish of the season like it was an amazing fishing accomplishment lol. Can only keep 3 snappers now lol. Never did I think id see that regulation.Times are a changing .
  3. Sounds good i'll take them sending pm
  4. I was really only looking for one reel so I can offer 55 shipped pp for the clean smooth one or 90 shipped pp for both of them together . Let me know what ya think. Thanks For posting
  5. ok let me know
  6. Im interested can you post pictures thanks
  7. As stated in title would like to buy a Penn 5600L or Penn 560L live liner . Pics would be great .Thanks
  8. I thought only bait shops sell bait . Click bait much? lol . Ah do what ya gotta do times are tough. Wasn't this thread about who's catching Bluefish?
  9. Pic 1 20 $ plus shower rods or car clothes rod not needed rod holder ready to go Have had this set up for years or Pic 2 10$ - 15 $ DIY
  10. Bingo!!
  11. Thanks birdnester after seeing your post I question friend I edited the post.
  12. A big help would be the name of the lead head and rubber you are using instead of just showing what you have ;). Is that a bill hurley? Would like to read that noaa info as well.
  13. A buddy of mine bought a brand new saltx 4000 at a reputable bait and tackle shop had them spool it up with 20 lb braid.He noticed after leaving and casting the reel a few times that the line lays way more on the bottom of the spool by alot. New out of the box bad line lay ? Are all 4000s like that ? So this is a 3 fold question should the reputable bait and tackle shop guy that put the line try to help fix the problem meaning taking all line of then putting back on or just say have a nice day like nothings wrong is it their responsibility to make sure the line is on properly since he bought the reel there? Does anyone who has this reel have the same problem are they all like that?And If the line lays more at the bottom than the top suggestions to what is needed to make the line lay proper washer, shim add take off ect. Edited because info from friend was incorrect line lay problem was only noticeable after casting a few times.He made it sound like it was noticed in parking lot right after he left .
  14. Puffer fish but from what I've seen in the past few years the increase in puffers sadly will be on a decline again very soon.