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  1. I get att&t rewards pop-ups pretty frequently lately on my android phone.
  2. Nice reel Nice reel
  3. New reels are better just don't last as long under abuse. Love my squidder and jigmaster though would put them up against most new conventionals any day
  4. Thanks for the input do you own or have used either the east coast special or the striped bass special?
  5. Looking at the odm genesis, black hole east coast special, and the newer black hole striped bass special surf. Going for the 10 ft 3/4 to 4oz Paired with vsx 200 I fish mostly south shore of li with bucktails.,bombers ,sps,mag darters and super strikes? Price topping out at around $400 Anybody have any of these rods or maybe a different rod and could give me some feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Been using these for years still have some old juice in one of them ;). Basically Berkley wants the bags or containers to leak that's how they make them so you have to buy more oh not to mention they degraded their product from years past as well so you'd have to by more too. Good thing they are taking care of there customers lol Thanks Berkley!!!
  7. Check guides and what knot are you using?
  8. Gotcha yea in my area as well the blues especially the gators never really showed up in #s this year. Seems to be a trend every where from reading on this thread. Pretty crazy to think we are catching or seeing more bass come up than blues.
  9. Yes sir but the question is what's harder to catch in general over years of fishing not specific situations. Question. Over your lifetime of fishing would you say you caught more "bluefish" and or striped bass?
  10. Do u only fish the canal?
  11. I thought when blues are blitzing on top they chop up the bunker and the pieces fall to the bottom and that's where you get the stripers? One could say in that situation when both species are present it's harder to catch bass since you need to get past the blues.
  12. Nice good stuff no bass?
  13. Ccc been spot burned for maybe the past 6 years tops could be wrong though
  14. Never seen anybody post a big bluefish pic or any bluefish pic from the ccc.Seems like it's like shooting fish in a barrel of breeder bass. Gonna be a damn shame when they dissaper too. Oh wait they are dissapereing every where else. Wonder why hmmm
  15. Ok fine white perch