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  1. Sorry duplicate post
  2. Hey Ditch--prayers and best wishes on the way. Stay positive and all will work out.
  3. Looks like an Earle fish
  4. They blocking the flume ? I've haven't fished 8th ave for years. Use to spend my vacation in the parking lot.
  5. John, the same to you and your family. Stay safe ! Mike
  6. My daughter has a small link in her sewer line where she circled it in red. Would something like Bondo take care of the leak or are we talking a bigger job? Thanks Mike
  7. Thanks guys
  8. Thanks John. Hope your turkey day was great. I spent mine with my 2 girls and their families. Mike
  9. When trying to use a shark bite to repair a pin hole in a 1/2 inch exposed copper pipe in the basement, how much pipe do you need to cut away so the shark bite fits properly. Thanks Mike
  10. Jimmy Breeze has the only haunted house I know of
  11. No I did not buy the fitting yet. Watched a few You Tube but still have the question: Say you cut the pipe off at 1 1/2 ".. You clean both ends, use the marking gauge for the proper depth on both pipes. You attach the slip end first then slide it back for the other pipe and line it up with the depth gauge mark. If the slip end side does not line up with the depth gauge mark, what does one do? What am I missing?
  12. My wife lost her battle with cancer this morning. A valid fight but could not win. Say a prayer for her. Thanks Mike
  13. Tears are flowing. Thank you Mike
  14. Thanks guys. A long and sad night
  15. Jim, my daughter just went thru the same thing. I can't remember who she hired but she had to chase them. I believe I used Superior roofing in the Long Branch area. Very pleased.
  16. My daughter has a French Drain and a sump pump and her finished basement had about 3-4 inches of water. Two questions: she had to rip all the carpeting & padding out , would it be advisable to putting tile down instead of carpeting ? Second question, she sent me a video of what goes into the sump pump hole. It looks like you are taking a pee and the French drain is not visible. The water coming in is greater then what is going into the sump pump hole. Any ideas how they constructed this French drain system and if tiling the floor would save future costs? Also, how would one correct this situation?
  17. Was at Riverview hospital the other day and saw one on the 3rd floor window sill facing the river. Did report it on the website
  18. It's TD for me too.
  19. Prayers & best wishes for all.
  20. Has anyone had experience with a live in aid in the Monmouth County area? My wife has cancer and needs help daily. Thanks Mike
  21. Thanks Bob
  22. Thanks guys
  23. Tom, I'll look at all options.