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  1. I heard regular coke will do the same.
  2. John, prayers for your wife & you. I know the stress that both of you are going thru. God bless you both .
  3. I have 2 daughters that mean the world to me. My wife has cancer & her short term memory is really bad. If it wasn't for my 2 angels I could not do it. They do medical research, communicate with the doctors and help me. Thank you God for 2 great gifts.
  4. Looks like aluminum wiring. CO/ALR receptacle ? I have aluminum and had all my outlet/receptacles changed to CO/ALR. Could Wago be used to pig tail cooper & aluminum?
  5. I have to agree with you. My wife gets her cancer medication monthly which the insurance pays about $13,000. The stupid ass driver delivered it to the same numbered house as mine but around the corner. Thank God that owner drove to my house to deliver it. About a month later that owner had her Fed ex delivery erroneously delivered to my house. Since then, I request USP when I order refills for my wife. So far so good.
  6. +1. I did it at 56 and haven't looked back.
  7. Anybody know a good roofing company in the Old Bridge, Marlboro or Manalapan area ?
  8. E filers get their money faster than paper filers. I am a paper filer and still waiting !!!
  9. Tennis ball tubes. Just pick them out of the trash cans at the courts.
  10. Steve may God have mercy on your soul. Prayers to your family during this most difficult time.
  11. 10 yards of top soil------
  12. I drove 120 miles round trip per day for 20 + years. Monmouth county to Northern Bergen county. It sucked !
  13. A long shot but someone may have posted a video on you tube.
  14. from 2017