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  1. Fox-as of today all is working fine. If it works don't fix it. Mike
  2. How else is there to keep your registry etc. clean ?
  3. Fox just to give you an update---we tried everything but nothing corrected the Chrome problem. A couple days ago, we got an update notice from System Mechanics. We both installed the update and low and behold his problem was gone. I did not have a problem now but months ago I was in the same boat. I was bitching to my bank and they said nothing changed. Once I installed an update from System Mechanics my problem was gone. Why it affected him and not me this time I cannot explain. Thanks for all your effort and if you use System Mechanics keep this episode in your memory banks. Mike
  4. Didn't get a chance to get to his pc today. I forwarded your email to him but did not hear back. I'll keep you posted. Mike
  5. Thanks. I will do this on my buddy's lap top tomorrow.
  6. There are some pointers you can google to clear the certificates for chome and re-obtain them again. I don't understand what pointers are. Please explain.
  7. Windows 10. Chrome up to date and cookies, browser history etc. cleaned out. Can't figure it out.
  8. My fishing buddy has a problem. He has been using Chrome and then he could not get onto his bank, credit card co. etc. I showed him MS Edge and it works. Question-- after running Norton scans, Windows anti virus, reinstalling Chrome and System Mechanics , Chrome still does not work. What would cause this problem? If MS Edge works why wouldn't Chrome work? At my wits end. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
  9. I had surgery, epidurals, PT, ablations etc. and still in pain. Really can't do much without paying the pain price. I'm currently going to pain management with minimal results. Don't know what the answer is. What does one do to regain what he had ?
  10. Looking for a tire rim for my daughter. She had a blow out Thurs. night & no spare. All she had was a can of foam which Jeep calls a tire repair kit. What good is that with a blow out. The NHSA should out law selling a car w/o a spare. Thanks Mike
  11. Sorry duplicate post
  12. Hey Ditch--prayers and best wishes on the way. Stay positive and all will work out.
  13. Looks like an Earle fish
  14. They blocking the flume ? I've haven't fished 8th ave for years. Use to spend my vacation in the parking lot.
  15. John, the same to you and your family. Stay safe ! Mike